Did Thuggee Soldiers Use This Car To Chase Ringo?

Have you ever seen Help!? It was the Beatles' Goon Show/Duck Soup-inspired second film, and I'm pretty sure this car was in it somewhere. » 9/06/12 3:20pm 9/06/12 3:20pm

Seven Cars That Killed Pontiac

Yesterday, lamenting its death, we extolled the virtues of Pontiac's ten best vehicles. Today we face reality — Pontiac's been building terrible cars for years. These seven stinkers drove the nails into the coffin. » 4/28/09 2:30pm 4/28/09 2:30pm

The Ten Greatest Pontiacs

We told you months ago Pontiac was dead, but today GM CEO Fritz Henderson made it official. Now that the pointy-arrow brand is gone, we'll mourn by celebrating our ten favorite examples of driving excitement. » 4/27/09 11:59am 4/27/09 11:59am

24 Hours Of LeMons Texas Gator-O-Rama 2009 Über Gallery: The Americans

As you know, American-made vehicles took four of the top five places at the 24 Hours Of LeMons Gator-O-Rama, and the Stars And Stripes flew proudly over the Index Of Effluency winner as well. » 3/22/09 9:00pm 3/22/09 9:00pm

Obama Likeness Selling Kia Sorentos, With Bonus MLK Pontiac Bonneville…

Obama-mania is spreading like a virus into advertising as Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" found in this Dallas Area Kia dealer ad for the Sportage. Of course John Stewart ridicules the spot, which features not only a likeness of the Illinois Senator but a rip-off his "Yes we can!" catch phrase. If this is the kind… » 6/12/08 3:40pm 6/12/08 3:40pm