Coop Weighs in on the Grand National Roadster Show, Johnson Weighs in on Hot Rodding

I have to admit, that I was a little dismissive of the GNRS in the post below. Maybe part of it's projection: as a NorCal to SoCal transplant, I realized that Northern California is where I like myself better. I'm more at home there; more at ease. Los Angeles is an amazing, wonderful place full of stuff you'll never… »1/29/07 7:15pm1/29/07 7:15pm

Chevy-Powered Ford Wins America's Most Beautiful Roadster!

Since the cars we tended to pick to win the America's Most Beautiful Roadster trophy never won, we stopped attending the Grand National Roadster Show three years ago. The other reason is that we got burnt out on all of the politics of the hot rod scene. However, a well-built rod or custom is still one of our favorite… »1/29/07 2:15pm1/29/07 2:15pm