Just 25 Percent Of Cars Cause 90 Percent Of Automotive Pollution

Modern cars are vastly cleaner, emission-wise, than they ever have been. I don’t even think they work well for in-garage suicides anymore. There’s still plenty of pollution, though a new study from the University of Toronto has found that 90 percent of automotive pollution is coming from only 25 percent of cars. »5/08/15 9:40am5/08/15 9:40am


What Will Happen When All Paris Traffic Slows To 19 Miles Per Hour?

Sixty percent vehicles in Paris run on diesel, and the city is struggling to curb emissions—banning half its cars for a day, making public transport and bike shares free for a weekend, and pedestrianizing large swathes of the urban grid. Now, a new proposal by Mayor Anne Hidalgo will cap the speed limit at 30… »5/27/14 7:12pm5/27/14 7:12pm

This Traffic Camera Spots Heavy Polluters, Not Speeders

When you spot someone on the side of the road with a camera your normal instinct is to slow down to avoid a speeding ticket. But this fancy new camera developed by researchers at Spain's Universidad Carlos III de Madrid doesn't care how fast you're driving. It's instead designed to spot how much pollution is spewing… »9/18/13 3:15pm9/18/13 3:15pm

One Charbroiled Burger Pollutes As Much As An 18-Wheeler Driving 143 Miles Says Study

Quick, which is worse for the environment: driving a massive, exhaust-belching diesel-sucking big rig 100 miles or walking down the street in hemp sandals, bamboo shorts and a reclaimed burlap poncho to a locally-owned restaurant, and ordering a grass-fed, locally-farmed angus beef hamburger? »9/19/12 4:00pm9/19/12 4:00pm

New EPA Ruling Means Lawnmowers, Boat Engines Likely To Get Catalytic Converters

The Detroit News »9/05/08 10:40am9/05/08 10:40am reports on a major emissions-limiting ruling by the EPA Thursday that will affect recreational boats and outdoor power equipment with engines smaller than 25 HP. Small engines, such as those found on boats and lawnmowers, are essentially unregulated, making up as much as 25% of current yearly US CO…

Beijing Olympic Restrictions Stomp On Local Auto Industry

Chinese restrictions on truck traffic and chemical transport during the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics are forcing plant cutbacks among local automakers, reports Automotive News China. The restrictions have forced Beijing Hyundai and supplier Visteon, among other automotive factories, to reduce shifts and temporarily… »8/13/08 9:40am8/13/08 9:40am

Chrysler Partnering With Purdue on Hybrid... Trees

Back in the 1960's love was free, pregnant women smoked and drank, and Chrysler dumped pollutants into ponds near a transmission plant in Kokomo. As this had a negative effect on the area, Chrysler started cleaning the site in the 1980's and has teamed with Purdue University to harness the power of hybrid poplar trees… »12/12/07 9:45am12/12/07 9:45am

Smoggiest Olympics Ever! Beijing Rules Out Car Restrictions

Transit officials in Beijing have opted not to limit the number of private cars on its streets, inadvertently giving athletes from America's big cities more of a hometown feel. The Chinese capital is well known for smog and congestion, with more than three million registered cars clogging approximately 90% of the… »11/06/07 3:45pm11/06/07 3:45pm