Jalopnik Poll: Which Ford Europe Product Should FoMoCo Bring to the US?

UK-based trade mag Just-Auto yesterday reported FoMoCo is considering bringing models from Ford Europe to the US market, a practice the company has employed in the past to fill holes in its stateside line. Among models it's considering are the Mondeo, Focus, S-Max, and Galaxy minivan, which many Jalopnik readers… » 12/07/06 7:55am 12/07/06 7:55am

Lutz on the Solstice Coupe: Hurry Up and Wait, You Mugs

The boys from Winding Road talked to GM's chairman of vice, "Maximum" Bob Lutz about the General's plans for the Solstice. While it seems the retractable hardtop bit will remain undone, Lutz again goes for maximum teaseage in handling the Solstice Coupe question. How's this for yes-not-yes verbiage: "If we did it, it… » 12/06/06 11:59am 12/06/06 11:59am

Jalopnik T-Shirt Slogan Contest: The Finals

It's finals time, kids, and the top four T-Shirt slogans from the runoff rounds are set in our new T-Shirt Sloganeering application after the jump. Click through to vote, in that way all the Web 2.0 kids are doing these days — Dig Dug style, or something. Go forth and select. And many thanks to those who entered —… » 11/29/06 3:53pm 11/29/06 3:53pm

Jalopnik T-Shirt Slogan Search: The Runoffs, Part Two

The T-shirt slogan voting process is moving along quite nicely indeed, with a strong turnout making the first round at thing of sheer numerical beauty. Here's the second round of new entries. Tomorrow, the top four from each round will face off in the finals, which will use a new slogan-picking app designed by the… » 11/28/06 4:06pm 11/28/06 4:06pm

Jalopnik T-Shirt Slogan Search: The Runoffs

The response to our call for T-shirt slogans was overwhelming. We couldn't have gotten more entrants if we were giving away passes to the booth-babe dressing room at the Moscow auto show. Because we're feeling more or less democratic — and because you guys have proven your comments-quip prowess — we're putting the… » 11/27/06 4:23pm 11/27/06 4:23pm

Jalopnik Poll: What If Porsche Gets Control of VW

Looks like the German stock market's pretty sure Porsche will eventually launch a takeover bid for Volkswagen — shares of V-dub are on a slow climb, like a Type 2 taking on Mt. Washington. With old fishpants (former chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder) out of the way, VW board chair Ferdinand Piech could leverage his… » 11/17/06 10:36am 11/17/06 10:36am

Jalopnik Poll: A Real Live Meeting At The White House?

After more delays than we can keep track of, the long-awaited meeting between President Bush and the automakers is finally here. After six long years, Bush has finally found time in his busy schedule to meet with the heads of the traditional big three — and boy, we're expecting it to be chock full o' meaty issues like… » 11/13/06 12:48pm 11/13/06 12:48pm

Jalopnik Poll: Car of the Girl of Your Dreams

So I was e-mailing with a gal-pal this morning about her latest dating experience. She'd mentioned all the things about said guy that were right; that he seemed great on paper, but she just wasn't that into him. And then she mentioned the deal-breaker. He'd rather have a bicycle than an Aston Martin. Now, said… » 11/10/06 12:30pm 11/10/06 12:30pm

Chrysler Mulling Imperial Production: Build it or Bag It?

AutoWeek's reporting today that Chrysler may be close to a decision on whether to build the Imperial concept it showed in Detroit this past year. Considering how divisive the hulking mass of Chryslerness has been, we though we'd offer another sounding board for readers to send to the ears of Dr. Z. Build it or bag… » 11/06/06 5:06pm 11/06/06 5:06pm

Jalopnik Poll: If Dio Were a Car...

On the occasion of the under-a-different name reunion of the second-best Black Sabbath line up ever (Dio, Iommi, Butler and Ward), we thought we'd offer up a question of great import. If Ronnie James Dio, diminutive man of metal — and true bearer of the genre's flame — were to have an automobile created in his image,… » 10/26/06 2:30pm 10/26/06 2:30pm

Women Harder to Please than Men in Cars, Chuh

We once put a ring on the finger of a woman whose career to date had been customer service. And when she got bad service herself, she was more than willing to complain about it. Rather loudly, we might add. We've also been in customer service. Or cotomer sevis, if you will. We understand when peons are hamstrung by… » 10/25/06 5:45pm 10/25/06 5:45pm

Paris Show Countdown, Readers' Choice Edition: Which Preview Are You…

Please excuse our preposterous prepositional use, but "In Which Preview Are You Most Interested" sounded stilted to our rough-trade American ears. Nonetheless, we're heading to the Paris Motor Show tomorrow, where a full house of Jalopnik editors (yes, even Mr. Wert) will be covering the proceedings. Donning our flak… » 9/25/06 11:00am 9/25/06 11:00am

Breaking! After S&P Drops Rating, FoMoCo And Ford Credit Get Even…

Yes, as an auto insider today's already told us — when it rains, it pours. To which we add, "when the FoMoCo's it gonna stop raining over in Dearborn?" We just received a release letting us know of another Billy Joel-esque storm front coming, and it's the indigo mood-inducing S&P, dropping Ford and Ford Credit from… » 9/19/06 2:46pm 9/19/06 2:46pm

Ford's Way Forward 2.0: New Mustangs Every Year

Tucked inside Ford's Way Forward press announcement this morning was a bit of info we'd like to gnaw on like the car-happy rodents we are. It's this: "Ford will continue to lead America's sports car market with new Mustang derivatives each year." New Mustang derivatives, eh? Motor Trend says a new Boss Mustang is… » 9/15/06 6:13pm 9/15/06 6:13pm

Ask Jalopnik Readers: What Gender Is the Toyota RAV4

Pardon the intrusion, but this is Jalopnik's buddy Ken, vaguely dramatized by one of the site's talented editors [Nice touch - ed]. I have a dilemma. I'm looking at buying a new car, and the '06/'07 Toyota RAV4 is on my list. However, every RAV4 I see is driven by a woman. Is the RAV4 unoficially considered a "chick… » 9/12/06 3:01pm 9/12/06 3:01pm

Like a Nuttendiesel: Bob Seger Prefers Ze Porsche

We were all excited a few weeks ago after the results of our poll asking folks if they wanted Chevy to bring on the return of the old Bob Seger "Like A Rock" song / slogan as they herald in the new GMT-900 based pickup trucks. We found a whopping 49% of you answered "Yes! Dude, that song defines Chevy trucks." — with… » 9/06/06 4:30pm 9/06/06 4:30pm

Jalopnik Poll: Chrysler PR Man Jason Vines Goes Back To The Shack!

We know Chrysler Group PR main man Jason Vines was dressed in two crazy costumes yesterday for charity — but we couldn't resist the chance to actually use the best camera flashes we could find of him in his two Caddyshack-esque get-ups. One get-up was vintage money-made-the-old-fashioned-way Ty Webb and the other… » 8/24/06 3:30pm 8/24/06 3:30pm