What Makes a Man Smoke Tires? Gasoline, Petrol, Benzin or Benzina?

On the occasion of the day after D. Boon's birthday, and having had all manner of fuel scents drift in from the harbor over the last few days, we started wondering why what we yanks call "gasoline" has so many names around the world. The Germans refer to it as "Benzin," based on the fuel's benzene quotient. The… »4/02/07 2:15pm4/02/07 2:15pm

Detroit Auto Show Poll: Most Significant Premiere, Round 2

What? You made it through round one without nodding into your minestrone? There may be hope for you yet (or a part among the insurance industry's puppet-show cast, also known as automakers). Cast your vote for Most Significant Premiere at the Detroit Auto Show, Round 2 and really test your wakefulness. And no return… »1/12/07 2:26pm1/12/07 2:26pm

Detroit Auto Show Poll: Most Significant Premiere, Round 1

There may not have been a less exciting Detroit auto show on record than 2007, barring that one in the '90s, during which Jac Nasser fell asleep introducing the Ford Contour, and Rick Wagoner chose "scented candles" as the theme of his breakfast keynote. Nonetheless, automakers still managed to introduce cars at the… »1/12/07 11:36am1/12/07 11:36am

Jalopnik Poll: Which Pre-Production Concept Shows the Most Promise

Lately, the big car shows have been lousy with pre-production concepts. These cars pre-introduce (nolo contendere) actual models officially (or unofficially) slated for production over the next few years. In Detroit, such proto-cars graced the stages and spun on turntables, existing alongside the radical concept cars… »1/11/07 11:51am1/11/07 11:51am