British Cops Keep Calm And Crash A Wayward Car Speeding Against Traffic

Two West Midlands police officers have been commended by their department and community by using their car as an improvised roadblock against a Honda Jazz that was found driving the wrong way down the highway earlier this week. The cops sound pretty composed, even as the oncoming car collides with their patrol. » 8/22/14 9:59am 8/22/14 9:59am

Suspect Leads Chase Through Car Wash, Can't Clean Record

When you're 18 and and maybe drunk and have a girl with you, stopping for the police maybe doesn't sounds like a good idea. Your Honda Civic can totally outrun that Charger, right? Oh, and there's nothing smarter than driving through a gas station car wash. That'll totally lose them the Wisconsin coppers. And you'll… » 12/18/07 9:15am 12/18/07 9:15am

More Fiat Ad Hoonage: Giovanni Law Can't Catch My 124!

It's clear from this early-70s Fiat ad that we were all wrong about the supposedly sluggish and unreliable Fiat 124. Why, you can use it to escape from The Man! Featuring a grim noir-ish style, the ad shows our leadfooted 124 hero fleeing some sort of Italian cop crypto-jeep and then, after ditching those cops by… » 2/09/07 3:30pm 2/09/07 3:30pm