If You're Leading A Police Chase Through The Twisties, Why Not Steal A Boxster GTS?

Clearly, what this British miscreant did was worthy of the six-year jail term he received, as we cannot condone the thievery and crashing of a poor, innocent Porsche Boxster GTS. However, given the roads he led police on for the chase, perhaps he stole the right vehicle? I’m just sayin’. The Boxster GTS is fantastic. »11/20/15 3:10pm11/20/15 3:10pm


British Cops Keep Calm And Crash A Wayward Car Speeding Against Traffic

Two West Midlands police officers have been commended by their department and community by using their car as an improvised roadblock against a Honda Jazz that was found driving the wrong way down the highway earlier this week. The cops sound pretty composed, even as the oncoming car collides with their patrol. »8/22/14 9:59am8/22/14 9:59am