White America's Silence on Police Brutality Is Consent

Late Tuesday, news broke that yet another unarmed American, a black man named Walter Scott, was killed by a white police officer. As with Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and Rodney King nearly 25 years ago, the brutality was captured on video for the world to see. The New York Times put the damning evidence at the very top… » 4/10/15 2:56pm 4/10/15 2:56pm

Officers Who Shot Innocent Women in Dorner Chase 'Violated Policy'

Well, it only took about a year to state the obvious, but a civilian panel has finally determined that the Los Angeles Police Officers who fired more than 100 rounds of ammunition at two innocent women during a pursuit of Christopher Dorner violated departmental policy on deadly force. » 2/05/14 1:47pm 2/05/14 1:47pm

New Jersey motorist awarded an astonishing $2.7 million in police…

A woman beaten by a Newark, New Jersey police officer during a routine traffic stop in October of 2004 has just been awarded $2.7 million by a jury, a monstrously high sum for an incident where no one was killed. But it is a reflection of just how awful the encounter was. So what happened? » 6/15/11 4:00pm 6/15/11 4:00pm