Ford Sells More And More Explorer Police Interceptors, Fewer And Fewer Taurus Police Interceptors

Since becoming available in March 2012, 64% of the Police Interceptors sold by Ford in the United States were Explorer Police Interceptor Utilities. U.S. sales othe Taurus Police Interceptor Sedan declined in 6% in calendar year 2014, fell a further 5% in 2015, and are down 2% through the first three months of 2016.

Motorcycle Speeder Wins $180,000 In Case Against Cop Who Kicked His Ass

On Aug. 3, 2012, Justin Wilkens was speeding in his Aprilia motorcycle and unwittingly passed Oregon State Police Officer Rob Edwards in an unmarked cop Camaro. After a few minutes of chase, Edwards rammed Wilkens off the bike, pulled a gun on him and kicked him in the chest. If you think that sounds egregious, the…


A Sheriff's Deputy May Be The Leader Of Those San Francisco Stunters

You would think that, by now, members of police forces all over the country have been in dozens of “Guys, we need to stop getting caught with our pants down” seminars. Apparently that’s not the case in the Bay Area, where the leader of a group of dirtbike riders notorious for pulling stunts on city streets has been…