Lodz, Poland To Street Racers: Here, Race On Main Street!

Poland's booming economy has doubled the number of cars on the road in a couple of decades, and we don't mean just Polski Fiats here. Hopped-up hot-rod hooligans were hooning it hot and heavy on public roads in Lodz, Poland's second-largest city, so the city fathers decided the only way to stop the chaos was to... buy… »7/21/08 7:00am7/21/08 7:00am

Karol Wojtyla From Beyond the Grave: 'Holy Crap!' Inexplicable Polish Vehicle

Wow...we really have no idea what to say about this car. It looks like a cross between the Shaggin' Wagon from Dumb and Dumber, the latest iteration of the Batmobile and Jeff Goldblum's The Fly character all came together in a David Cronenberg/George Barris monster-truck mind meld while the two were mainlining a… »8/09/06 3:00pm8/09/06 3:00pm