Toyota Dealer Takes Deposits For Plug-In Prius That Doesn't Exist; Toyota Applauds Their "Excitement"

According to Toyota's Open Road blog, Magnussen’s Toyota in Palo Alto, California was "doing what Toyota encourages its dealers to do:" Take customers' money. The Silicon Valley dealership had apparently been deluged with requests for a plug-in Prius hybrid »9/04/08 8:30am; knowing Toyota was working on such a vehicle, Magnussen's…

Hier-De-Boom-Boom, Uemm BORK-BORK-BORK! Sweden, USA Working Together On Hybrid Technology

Auto Motor & Sport, by way of Motor Authority, reported yesterday on a joint effort between the energy departments of two august establishments of hybrid research — the United States' Argonne National Laboratory and Sweden's Lindholmen Science Park. The $37 million program will work on developing new plug-in hybrid… »7/08/08 7:30am

V2Green Partners With Texas Utility To Solve Car-Charging Problem That Doesn't Exist

Leave it to a company looking to make a name for itself in Green Land to attempt to solve a problem that doesn't exist. We all know that plug-in hybrids are coming. And hell, some options are already here. But V2Green is tackling problem of too many charging hybrids, which is a concern that won't exist for quite a few… »1/31/08 12:00pm