Convert Your Prius To A Lead-Acid Plug-In For Just $4,995!

Plug-In Supply Inc. has just introduced a $4,995 Toyota Prius plug-in conversion kit which uses a pack of twenty PbA20-12 lead-acid batteries. Good for 5kWh, the battery pack should last more than 800 charge cycles, or about two years. As you would expect from something with the word "lead" in it, the batteries weigh… » 7/29/08 2:00pm 7/29/08 2:00pm

Hier-De-Boom-Boom, Uemm BORK-BORK-BORK! Sweden, USA Working Together On…

Auto Motor & Sport, by way of Motor Authority, reported yesterday on a joint effort between the energy departments of two august establishments of hybrid research — the United States' Argonne National Laboratory and Sweden's Lindholmen Science Park. The $37 million program will work on developing new plug-in hybrid… » 7/08/08 7:30am 7/08/08 7:30am

Soueast X1 Hybrid GT Looks Sharp, But Where Do You Plug It In?

As with many western auto shows, the Beijing Motor Show has become obsessed with hybrid concept cars. Though most of these hybrids are sedans or MPV's, automaker Soueast decided to go with a squashed GT sports car. The result is the X1 Plug-in HEV, which looks rather sharp and manages to be almost a modern… » 4/28/08 10:20am 4/28/08 10:20am

V2Green Partners With Texas Utility To Solve Car-Charging Problem That…

Leave it to a company looking to make a name for itself in Green Land to attempt to solve a problem that doesn't exist. We all know that plug-in hybrids are coming. And hell, some options are already here. But V2Green is tackling problem of too many charging hybrids, which is a concern that won't exist for quite a few… » 1/31/08 12:00pm 1/31/08 12:00pm

Toyota, EDF Working Together On European Plug-In Hybrid

Toyota recently got the OK to go into the plug-in game in Japan, and now the super-best number one awesome automaker from the land of the rising sun's looking to do the same in France. Toyota and Electricite de France SA (EDF) are working together to "evaluate Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles in Europe." Why's Toyota need… » 9/05/07 10:45am 9/05/07 10:45am