Tesla Makes The Wealthy Feel More Responsible

We knew the Tesla was a popular car among the famous, like Matt Damon, but it seems the 225-mile range $109,000 ride is becoming the feel-good car among the rich too. Greenwich, Conn., a city known for old money, is apparently the new hotspot for Tesla wannabes. Tesla recently brought a vehicle to a Greenwich hotel to… » 7/07/08 3:20pm 7/07/08 3:20pm

Ford Files Trademark for "Extend" Plug-In Hybrid?

Is "Extend" the new name for a new plug-in electric hybrid from Ford? We've no idea, but what we do know is Ford recently optioned the name in advance of the LA Auto Show and their recent team-up with Southern California Edison to explore new technologies on plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles. Will we see a new plug-in or… » 10/24/07 10:30pm 10/24/07 10:30pm