VW Golf Twin Drive Plug-In Hybrid Diesel Makes Prius Look Thirsty

The combination of a fuel-sipping diesel engine with plug-in hybrid technology is something that hasn't really been utilized — until now. This is the Volkswagen Golf Twin Drive Concept, and it looks even more promising than VW's late Golf TDI Hybrid from Geneva. Evidently, the Twin Drive can be run in electric-only… » 6/26/08 4:30pm 6/26/08 4:30pm

Toyota Seeking Government Approval For Japanese Testing Of Plug-In…

According to Asahi, a daily Japanese trade rag which we don't know how to read, Toyota will officially be asking for permission from Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport "for the testing of a prototype plug-in Prius on public roads." After completing the road tests, Toyota will then be able to… » 7/19/07 5:00pm 7/19/07 5:00pm

Plug It In, Plug It In: Plug-in Hybrids No Problem for Power Grid, Says…

According to the US Department of Ex—Oil Company Executives Energy in a new report yet to be published, the tangle of Christmas-tree lights known as the power grid can handle an upsurge in plug-in hybrids lickety split. The report, via The Car Connection, points out that by employing off-peak energy production via… » 12/14/06 2:46pm 12/14/06 2:46pm

With Money From The US Government, Toyota Hopes Someday To Build a…

The same day as "Slick" Rick Wagoner was up on stage in LA announcing a plug-in hybrid for the General, ToMoCo's senior samurai in North America, Jim Press, was asked about his company's strategy for plug-in hybrids at the Electric Drive Transportation Association conference in Washington. Press didn't commit Toyota… » 11/29/06 3:45pm 11/29/06 3:45pm

BREAKING: GM to Produce Plug-in Hybrid Vue

The General made good on the press leak indicating it'd build a hybrid with an extension cord. The electro-geek community — from the halls of Petaluma to the shores of MIT — are probably already figuring out their hacks, while the enviro-nerds of same will likely open the fists they once raised in GM's direction. The… » 11/29/06 1:17pm 11/29/06 1:17pm

It's Alive! GM's Next Electric Car to Be Unveiled in Detroit

A few months ago, CNN reported General Motors was working on a plug-in hybrid vehicle. At the time, that news tidbit (possibly a PR leak), was lost beneath the anti-GM tide swelled by the film "Who Killed the Electric Car," and thus couldn't shield the company from media-flush environmentalists' jerked knees. But… » 11/10/06 9:27am 11/10/06 9:27am

Get the Extension Cord: Toyota to Consider Plug-in Hybrids

If you're quiet, you can almost hear the corks popping from bottles of organic champagne throughout the Bay Area. According to CNET, a statement on Toyota's Web site indicates the company may be reversing its strategy not to build their hybrid cars with a plug-in option, stating the company will "advance its research… » 6/14/06 8:33am 6/14/06 8:33am

Hybrid Partnership Shows Pics of Plug-in Prototype

Automotive powertrain technology provider Ricardo and kinetic energy storage company (that's flywheel batteries to you, Johnny) AFS Trinity revealed pictures of a plug-in hybrid-car prototype — the AFS Trinity Concept Car — that will house a hybrid-drive system the companies are developing in a joint venture. Dubbed… » 5/08/06 2:18pm 5/08/06 2:18pm

How to Void Your Toyota Warranty, 101: Hacking the Prius

We can't help but be in the CalCars guys' corner on their quest to give the Toyota Prius hybrid full-electric capability. After all, as someone once said (Mark Twain? Henry Ford?) "tinkering is the best revenge over those who'd just as soon spit in your eye as say hello." (Hmm, that doesn't sound quite right).… » 3/23/06 9:45am 3/23/06 9:45am