The Playboy Statue That Pissed Off An Artsy Texas Town Is No More

If you were so deeply moved by the roadside art installation dubbed Playboy Marfa that you planned a pilgrimage to far West Texas in order to see it, then I have bad news for you today: Playboy Marfa is no more. » 12/05/13 1:24pm 12/05/13 1:24pm

Stupid Playboy Marfa Attraction May Kill Awesome Prada Marfa

Playboy Marfa, the attraction featuring a 1972 Dodge Charger planted on a cinder block next to the Playboy logo outside the middle-of-nowhere West Texas town of Marfa, has caused plenty of trouble since it went up. The state ordered it to be taken down. Now, it may take a more famous roadside icon with it. » 9/20/13 1:43pm 9/20/13 1:43pm

Texas Says The Playboy Marfa Statue Really Is Illegal And Has To Go

Few people in the small West Texas town of Marfa are happy with Playboy Marfa, the roadside attraction that features a 1972 Dodge Charger on a block next to the iconic bunny logo. Now the state says it has to go. Will anyone miss it? » 9/10/13 12:20pm 9/10/13 12:20pm

'Playboy Marfa' May Be The Next Great Car Geek Roadside Attraction

Ever been to Marfa, Texas? Located in the far western part of the state not far from the Mexican border, it's a tiny town that happens to be full of great restaurants, quirky art galleries, oddball cars and strange attractions. The last three come together in a new installation commissioned by Playboy featuring a Dodge … » 6/21/13 10:45am 6/21/13 10:45am

This Is The First NSFW Photo From Tamara Ecclestone's Playboy Shoot

This is the first photo from the Playboy pictorial featuring Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of F1 billionaire muppet chief Bernie Ecclestone. I'm sad to report Jalopnik Brasil beat us to this story. Full (NSFW) image below. » 4/04/13 4:21pm 4/04/13 4:21pm

Jaguar Reads Playboy, Gets A 'Piloerection'

The new "Alive" ad campaign for Jaguar, the auto brand named after a kitty cat, stresses a corporate image that's all about asking buyers — "How Alive Are You?" The latest example of the campaign? Jag's asking readers of Playboy's May issue whether they've ever had a "piloerection." Sounds naughty. » 4/17/12 4:45pm 4/17/12 4:45pm

What Would Hefner Drive? Malaise Era Car Ads From the Pages of Playboy

The Baksheesh Table at the Detroit Irony 24 Hours of LeMons was fairly groaning under the weight of all the beer bribes— they love their beer in Michigan— but one team mixed it up with a December 1977 Playboy » 4/24/10 3:00pm 4/24/10 3:00pm

Playboy Names R8 Car of The Year. Plus: What's The Sexiest Volvo?

What does it really matter what Japanese automotive journalists think is the Japanese Car of the Year, or what the European journalists think is the European Car of the Year? Who even cars what Motor Trend says is their Car of the Year? We want to know what Playboy thinks. LBJ said it best, "So goes Playboy, so goes the … » 12/10/07 9:30am 12/10/07 9:30am