Why Platinum Will Be Worth More Than Gold In An Automobile Dystopia

We know that in a Mad Max type of dystopia, people will need “guzzoline,” water, and a way to avoid poisons. The good news? Platinum can, and currently does, provide all three of those. Here’s why people will be killing each other for jewelry after the collapse of civilization. »6/05/15 5:55pm6/05/15 5:55pm


Platinum Tops $1900 Per Ounce, Catalytic Converter Suppliers in For World of Hurt

Problems with the South African power grid and the ever dwindling value of the dollar are conspiring to make those troublesome catalytic converters very expensive. If you had the foresight to purchase an ounce of platinum four weeks ago, you'd be standing on the opportunity to make about a thirty percent return on… »2/13/08 10:30am2/13/08 10:30am

Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Ford F-150 Live And In The Flesh

We have the first shots of the 2009 Ford F-150 and, if you're a "Ford Truck Man" you'll certainly enjoy them. And if not, with 35 variations ranging from the entry level XL to the pre-pimped luxo Platinum Edition if you can't find one you like you're just not trying hard enough. Live shots below and the in-person… »1/13/08 10:15am1/13/08 10:15am

Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Ford F-150 Official Pics and Details

The 2009 Ford F-150 has arrived and, for potential buyers, there are two major stories here other than the new frame and exterior: more standard/available features and more model variations. Now standard is the AdvanceTrack with Roll Stability Control (RSC), Trailer Sway Control, the new Tailgate w/ box side steps and… »1/13/08 12:01am1/13/08 12:01am

LA Auto Show Preview: 2008 Cadillac Escalade Platinum

We're going to attempt the impossible by writing about the 2009 Cadillac Escalade Platinum without using the B-word. Let's just say that with its 22-inch wheels, humongo-LED headlights, magnetic ride control, and three LCD screens it makes the base Escalade look like a Saturn Vue. The premium guzzler comes in either… »11/13/07 12:30pm11/13/07 12:30pm

LA Auto Show Preview: Cadillac Drops A Limited-Edition Trio Of Platinum-Covered Poop

Right before the LA Auto Show begins, Cadillac's gone and released the embargoed doors on pictures and a press release for three of their show vehicles — and guess, what — although the press release claims Caddy's "extending its luxury tradition with limited-edition versions of XLR Roadster, and STS, DTS Sedans" — in… »11/28/06 12:37pm11/28/06 12:37pm