TransAsia Airways Flight Reportedly Crashes In Taiwan, 47 Dead UPDATE

A TransAsia airways ATR-72 has reportedly crashed in Taiwan, killing 47 and injuring 11. The plane was coming in for an emergency landing, according to Taiwan News, though it is unclear as of now whether or not the plane crashed due to stormy weather in the wake of Typhoon Matmo. » 7/23/14 9:24am Today 9:24am

Paraglider Ditches In Lake Rescued By Police Helicopter

This paraglider's engine quits during a sightseeing flight over Folsom Lake in California. Watch as the pilot frantically struggles to restart the engine and ultimately splashes down. Lucky for the pilot, there was a local police helicopter training in the vicinity which turned into a real life rescue scenario. » 7/14/14 3:39pm 7/14/14 3:39pm

Now Spend The Next Five Minutes Ogling The Most Advanced Fighter Ever

It's true that the F-22 Raptor has never been tested in battle. What's also true is that it has dominated nearly every realistic wargame it has ever come across. It is faster, stealthier, and more deadly than any fighter jet ever before it, and it doesn't hurt that it's the second prettiest plane ever made, either. » 7/09/14 10:59am 7/09/14 10:59am

Thirty Totally Stunning Photos Taken Around Andersen AFB, Guam

From Foxtrot Alpha: Andersen AFB is located on the island of Guam, about two thirds of the way between Hawaii and Taiwan. Given its location, Andersen is one of America's most strategic outposts, and with it sprawling size it acts like gigantic aircraft carrier and sea base from which the USA can project immense power. » 6/22/14 2:19pm 6/22/14 2:19pm

Can We Learn Something From The Defunct A-7F "Strikefighter?"

From Foxtrot Alpha: The A-7 Corsair II, known also as the SLUF, as in "Short Little Ugly Fucker," was a conservative balance of economy, persistence, payload, and technology, and its final design evolution, the A-7F, could have been the right fighter for the wars to come in the new millennium. » 6/15/14 6:31pm 6/15/14 6:31pm