Once, You Could Transport A Car By Shoving It In A Boat And Then Strapping It To A Plane

Is there anything not to like about this? You get on a regular passenger plane, and can take your car — well, it seems, as long as it’s a tiny car like an MGA — with you, ready to hoon when you land. If this was still an option, I’d buy an old Honda S500 just to do this. Well, I bet I’d have to be rich, too. »Thursday 11:30am11/19/15 11:30am

Comment Of The Day: Golden Parachute Edition

When a Jalopnik staffer goes off into the long night, they don’t get a golden parachute. Please, this is journalism. We don’t have the kind of money for that. So instead, we throw them out of a plane with a Miata as a parachute. But if you’re not a lowly blogger, and instead you’re a CEO, how do you know if your… »11/06/15 5:46pm11/06/15 5:46pm

This Time Lapse Video Of A Nighttime Landing In Chicago Is Amazing

Chicago, Illinois is one of America’s largest cities, and features one of the most spectacular skylines in the world. Seeing the sprawling megalopolis (encompassing 234 square miles!) from the air on a clear night illuminates the city’s sheer vastness. Make sure you watch this gorgeous timelapse video of an airplane… »8/30/15 4:40pm8/30/15 4:40pm

Here's How Ludicrously Fast A Space Probe Is

Your regular commercial airliner, like a Boeing 747 is fast. A super-spy jet like the SR-71 Blackbird is much faster than that, traveling at over three times the speed of sound. So how does a deep-space probe like New Horizons, which recently flew past Pluto, compare? Thanks to this animation, you can see it’s very,… »8/28/15 9:12am8/28/15 9:12am

Here's Video Proof That Your Plane Won't Explode If It Gets Hit By Lightning

You’ve probably already read somewhere that no, nothing will happen to your plane if it gets struck by lightning. Planes get hit all the time, and nothing happens. Supposedly. But it never hurts to have video evidence of that fact. Here’s a look at the wrath of the heavens unleashing itself on a Delta flight. »8/20/15 10:53am8/20/15 10:53am

A Boeing 377 Stratocruiser and Crew Resource Management

A few days ago, I came across this photo of a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser and a Lockheed Constellation. I think it was taken in LA. It’s a great historical photo and, being the av geek that I am, I googled the Boeing’s registration and discovered that it had been involved in a fatal accident back in 1952. And that led me… »8/19/15 3:44pm8/19/15 3:44pm

Things Better When Powered By Hayabusa For $1000

You’re daily double for this round is a truly beautiful soon-to-be flying replica of a race plane built by the legendary Ettore Bugatti. Not one, but two 1300 cc motorcycle engines power this sleek aviation wonder. The original aircraft never left the ground, but will its modern day look-a-like have more success?
»8/09/15 11:33am8/09/15 11:33am