Jay Ward of Pixar on Cars

We get awfully jealous of Jay Ward at times. He co-founded Billetproof, one of the finest rod and custom shows on earth, went on to found the Asphalt Invitational, another of the finest car shows on earth, has a beautiful, super-friendly wife and works for Pixar. Plus he's a really, really nice guy. He's one of the… » 5/15/06 1:55am 5/15/06 1:55am

Eddie Paul Creates Real-Life 'Cars' Cars

The Pixars had an idea they wanted life-size renditions of three of the characters from their upcoming film, Cars. After digging around a bit and conversing with Jay Leno (it always comes back to Leno, doesn't it?) They sent Asphalt Invitational and Billetproof co-founder Jay Ward down to Eddie Paul's El Segundo… » 3/28/06 3:43pm 3/28/06 3:43pm

'Cars' Trailer Drops Today

The Emeryville whiz kids at Pixar have posted the full trailer for Cars, and while we've probably said all we can say about the film before its release in three months, we think Paul Newman's character, a '49 Hudson, looks totally badass. We haven't been so goofy about seeing a kids' movie since we went to see The… » 3/09/06 2:27pm 3/09/06 2:27pm

Pixar Updates 'Cars' Website

Like every eight-year-old and his gearhead dad, we're anxiously awaiting the premiere of Pixar's Cars, and as the June 9th release draws closer, Pixar's done some tweaking to the film's site, adding an online showroom that'll showcase the characters as if they were a new vehicle. The Disney obsessives (we're very » 3/07/06 1:12pm 3/07/06 1:12pm

Hoon of the Day: A Pitch to Pixar

Reynel Martinez is convinced Pixar's "Cars" will suck. The storyline, he says, is trite and cliche. He's tried to convince the company to go with an alternate narrative in which humans inhabit the fantasy world. He even offers a video pitch, though you'd better pack a lunch — it's about as long as the unedited… » 12/07/05 12:57pm 12/07/05 12:57pm

New 'Cars' Teaser Drops

Pixar-geeks that we are, we're a tad giddy (but not overly giddy, as that'd blow our newly-purchased LA cool) about the fact that the release of Apple Steve's animation firm's Cars is only six months out. There's a new teaser trailer up over at Apple's site, and the CGI looks ridiculously uh, dare we say incredible?… » 11/28/05 4:36pm 11/28/05 4:36pm

More 'Cars' Unveiled on New 'Toy Story' DVD

We can't say that we've been closely following the trials and travails of the making of Pixar's new Cars, but we keep our tin in the wind in hopes of any new news. The Disney freaks at Jim Hill Media have posted some new stills from the film, of which an expanded look appears on the brand spankin' new 10th… » 9/07/05 6:24am 9/07/05 6:24am

More 'Cars' News Revealed

Let us go on record right now as being massive fans of Pixar films. While we're generally not huge on CGI, the way the Emeryville-based company (employer of Jay Ward, co-founder of Billetproof and main man behind the Asphalt Invitational) scripts their films, as well as the visual feel of the movies themselves really… » 8/15/05 4:03pm 8/15/05 4:03pm