Eddie Paul Creates Real-Life 'Cars' Cars

The Pixars had an idea they wanted life-size renditions of three of the characters from their upcoming film, Cars. After digging around a bit and conversing with Jay Leno (it always comes back to Leno, doesn't it?) They sent Asphalt Invitational and Billetproof co-founder Jay Ward down to Eddie Paul's El Segundo shop,… » 3/28/06 3:43pm 3/28/06 3:43pm

Hoon of the Day: A Pitch to Pixar

Reynel Martinez is convinced Pixar's "Cars" will suck. The storyline, he says, is trite and cliche. He's tried to convince the company to go with an alternate narrative in which humans inhabit the fantasy world. He even offers a video pitch, though you'd better pack a lunch — it's about as long as the unedited footage… » 12/07/05 12:57pm 12/07/05 12:57pm