Tokyo Auto Show Preview: Nissan Pivo 2 Concept Car, Now With Video!

It's adorable, it's blue — no, wait, it's adorable and blue! It's the Pivo 2, complete with robotic agent and powered by Lithium-ion batteries. Now, when we first revealed the new Pivo 2 concept car this morning, we saw it as nothing more than a more bubbly version of the old Pivo. Now that we've seen this video of… » 10/05/07 7:45am 10/05/07 7:45am

Nissan Pivo 2: 360 Degrees, No Reverse

Nissan's worked up a new version of its Pivo concept — the electric-powered, 360-degree swiveler first shown in 2005. It's the Pivo 2. Like the first Pivo, its cabin rotates, eliminating the need for a reverse gear, though its in-wheel motors can propel it in any direction — even sideways. What's new in the Pivo 2 is… » 10/05/07 6:23am 10/05/07 6:23am