Watch How Insanely Different Pitstops Were In 1950 Compared To Now

Pitstop strategy can make or break a race, and that hasn't changed since the early days. What has changed are the rules, regulations, technology, and crazy amounts of precision that go into modern stops. It's gone from one guy with a hammer, to this. » 4/13/14 1:00pm 4/13/14 1:00pm

This Is What A Pit Stop Should NOT Look Like [UPDATE]

If you're ever wondering what a pit stop should not look like, here you go. IndyCar driver Scott Dixon managed to drive into a rival team's mechanic while shooting out of his garage. » 8/25/13 7:11pm 8/25/13 7:11pm

Watch A 2.05-Second Formula One Pitstop In Ultra Slow-Motion

Red Bull holds the record for the fastest F1 pit stop at a barely-believable 2.05 seconds. Here's what that kind of stop looks like in real time, and below is what that looks like in gloriously detailed slow-mo. » 8/09/13 1:41pm 8/09/13 1:41pm

F1 cars may go electric-only in pits

It looks like changes to the KERS system in F1 cars will allow them to go electric-only in the pits for 2013 using a significantly more powerful EV system. Is this a greenwashing job or awesome tech? (H/T to Twiggy!) » 4/29/11 4:00pm 4/29/11 4:00pm