Jet Cars Spewing Fire!

While a couple of us were out at Milan Dragway witnessing the taping of "Pinks: All Out" a couple of weeks back we witnessed first hand one of the most amazing spectacles in all of motorsports — jet car drag racing. While we'd seen it before, via YouTube, in places like Saudi Arabia and Australia, and we'd even seen… » 7/16/07 10:15am 7/16/07 10:15am

The Field Is Set!

The boys up in the "War Room" have the sweet 16 field all set for this taping of Pinks: All Out — and we've got the whole lineup after the jump. Pick yer favorites and place yer bets now, boys — it's just about race time! » 6/30/07 9:16pm 6/30/07 9:16pm

Jalopnik Hearts The Jet Cars

OK, while one of us was up in the (relative) safety of the tower, banging away on the keys of the board attached to this here laptop, another one of us was over in the opposite tower here at Milan taking some snapshots of a couple of jet cars taking a run down the track. It was such a blast that we've got to say that… » 6/30/07 8:07pm 6/30/07 8:07pm

War Room, What Is It Good For?

OK, so there's Pinks the TV show and then there's Pinks: All Out. There's a key difference between the two and it's not the addition of a colon. Pinks pits amateur racers against each other in a best three-out-of-five, winner-take-all drag race format. The competitors have to sign over the title of his or her car with… » 6/30/07 7:22pm 6/30/07 7:22pm