How About a LeMons Pinup Calendar For Your Fetid Garage?

When you're applying Bondo in adobe-like layers to the flanks of your latest project- an Oleg Cassini Edition Matador with a quad-ghettocharged 343 under the hood- do you want the hyper-airbrushed Pirelli Girls on your garage wall? Hell no! » 3/21/10 8:00pm 3/21/10 8:00pm

LeMons Veteran Bikini Racer Goes Even Faster When Limited To 1,320 Feet

Some of you had questions about Texas LeMons driver Anna aka Bikini Racer when you saw a few photos of her last weekend. Does she drive? Is she really a racer? » 11/01/09 10:15pm 11/01/09 10:15pm

Girls With Cars: Photographs By Phillip Hall

We learned last year that most of you prefer hot rod pinups to European Booth Professionals, so here's a selection of Alameda photographer Phillip Hall's "Girls With Cars" work for you. » 10/24/09 3:00pm 10/24/09 3:00pm

When You Want Your Pinup Photos To Tell A Story: Paco's Hit And Run

Traditional wolf-whistle-style pinups » 8/21/08 2:00pm 8/21/08 2:00pm are always a hit, but some of us might get weary of the same vacuous facial expressions and slab-o-meat poses you generally get. So what happens when a gets together with who's decided she wants to do her own take on the pinup thing, complete with special-effects makeup and wild…

Car Wash Calendar Professionals Make Men Feel Dirty, Want A Clean Car

Most car washes we go to are operated by heavyset sweaty guys, so seeing these professional automotive sanitation engineers extolling the virtues of automated car wash systems in the "Christ Wash Systems" twelve-month calendar seems very odd. The biggest problem we see here is lack of proper safety attire. A car wash… » 8/20/08 4:00pm 8/20/08 4:00pm

How To Sell Your Morris Minor Hell Project

We can just hear the conversation that took place prior to shooting these photos:

"Look, just sit on the hood and look sexy- this thing's as good as sold, baby! We'll be able to buy something that runs every day!"
"But... the hood is all
icky! And why is there smoke pouring out from under the dash?"

Doing the pinup… » 6/20/08 8:00am 6/20/08 8:00am

European Booth Professionals or American Hot Rod Pinups?

With all the testosteriffic talk about European Booth Professionals in Geneva yesterday, those of us in California can't help but think that real car women pose with good ol' flathead-powered machinery and aren't afraid to pick up a wrench now and then. We found a Flickr set with a pretty good selection of hot rod… » 3/06/08 3:45pm 3/06/08 3:45pm