Florida mayor's official SUV is literally a pimpmobile

Sometimes, fiscal responsibility and the prostitutional arts collide and a choice has to be made: let the taxpayers pay foot the bill for a car payment or drive around in a GMC Yukon Denali formerly used for the transportation of escorts? Mayor Bob Buckhorn of made the right choice. Now he's big pimpin' in T-A-M-P-A. » 8/31/11 2:00pm 8/31/11 2:00pm

BMW To Pimp Performance Cars Like Hookers

We banned the word "pimp" for aftermarket modifications some time ago, but no such ban exists for legitimate uses of the term. Like when BMW starts a by-the-hour car rental program in Germany that includes the 500hp M6. [WSJ] » 10/25/10 10:30am 10/25/10 10:30am

Mister Oldskool's Purple Cadillac Proves Unsuccesful As Inconspicuous…

It goes without saying that we thoroughly approve of a late-80s Sedan DeVille with the full-on pimp treatment. However, when John Law suspends your license, you don't try to drive said car from the courthouse. » 2/04/09 12:30pm 2/04/09 12:30pm

Gangster Whitewalls And Zebra Skin: Great Deal On Pimpish '84 Cadillac

It's probably the word "pimpish" in the description, coupled with the overwhelmingly tasteful purple velvet and zebra skin interior, that makes us want to test the reserve price on this '84 Cadillac. You seldom see pimped-out Reagan Era Cadillacs, and this one would be right at home in the Jalopnik Motor Pool (we'd… » 7/30/08 8:00am 7/30/08 8:00am

Are Pistonheads Pimps?

We're not quite sure how this turned into "Pimp Week," but we're not going to dig too deeply. Today's questions comes strait outta Compton yesterday's QOTD comments. Reader Mehugtree asks the following: » 8/31/07 12:00pm 8/31/07 12:00pm

While we're not in a agreement, we do understand his point. Performance cars, when mostly used for commuting to…

Why Do People Pimp Their Rides?

Today's question hearkens back to Philosophy Week, but with a slight comedic twist. Seriously, yesterday's QOTD proved that we've all seen pimped rides (or at least what in the owner's mind qualified as "pimped") and with very few exceptions they're all pathetic. How many times have you seen a base model 300C with its… » 8/30/07 11:30am 8/30/07 11:30am

The Worst Pimp Job You've Ever Seen?

We're going to let commenter JayP71 handle this one: » 8/29/07 11:30am 8/29/07 11:30am

Living where we've lived (all over the Eastside of Los Angeles) we've seen so many horrid pimp-misfires that nothing specific is coming to mind. However, we did know a guy who was serious about getting hydraulics for his 1984 Dodge Colt. You? And the above is the …