Piers Morgan Sticks Up For Jeremy Clarkson In Classy Column (Seriously)

I bet that’s a sentence you never thought you’d read anywhere, right? Let me assure that you did not, in fact, wake up in Bizarro World this morning, or that if you did then I’m right there with you. Amid Jeremy Clarkson’s FacePunchFracasGate scandal, the embattled Top Gear host has an unlikely defender in the form of… »3/23/15 12:20pm3/23/15 12:20pm


Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan Get In Comical Old Man Twitter Fight

For those just joining us from twenty years ago, Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson hates a lot of things. There is perhaps nothing he hates more, though, than CNN commentator and one-time British tabloid editor Piers Morgan, who he once punched in the face. Which is part of the reason why their fight over Twitter today… »10/27/13 3:02pm10/27/13 3:02pm