There Is Is Nothing Special About The Special Forces' Newest Truck

Or rather, the operators who would use the Navistar SOTV-B would want you to think there’s absolutely nothing special about it. It is the ultimate blank pick up truck for clandestine environments. And if that’s not anonymous enough for you, it can look like any truck your heart desires. »3/31/15 1:51pm3/31/15 1:51pm

Ford Reportedly Showcasing Military Aluminum At 2015 Ford F-150 Launch

Bloomberg reports that military-grade aluminum is being prepared for the 2015 Ford F-150 display at the Detroit Auto Show, most likely to build association with toughness. This is yet another reminder that Ford's betting hard that people won't mind trading in their workhorse for a giant aluminum can. »12/26/13 9:01am12/26/13 9:01am