Revel In The Glorious Beauty Of The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

You want every picture we’ve got from the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance? You want every curve, every detail, every achingly gorgeous car from every perfect era? Fine. Have it your way. Here are 90 (ninety!) photos of absolute motoring magnificence, captured by photographer extraordinaire PUPPYKNUCKLES. Starting… » 8/19/15 10:15am 8/19/15 10:15am

Three Lockheed Lightnings Look Incredible In This Wild Photo

The F-35 Lightning II, the P-38 Lightning and the F-22 Raptor – which was originally named “Lightning” – are all fighters made by mega-defense contractor Lockheed. And being a mega–contractor, it has mega history. Here are those three planes showcased under a sky set ablaze with fireworks. » 7/24/15 5:30pm 7/24/15 5:30pm

M1A2 Abrams Goes "Boom!" During Operation Speed And Power In Bulgaria

Scenes From American Endurance Racing At NJMP

You know how long nine hours is? Maybe you think you do, until you stretch that time around the starting and finishing flags of a single automobile race. Then nine hours becomes the cerebral input of three or four days smashed into one long, blurry landscape, with occasional lucid awakenings prompted by tires… » 5/08/15 4:16pm 5/08/15 4:16pm

More Of Your Homemade Plane Porn

After the last episode of Plane Porn, which featured photos submitted by readers, I once again issued a call-to-action for you to send in your photos for another episode. There was a huge response, and today we'll see several of your submissions. Because there were so many, I couldn't get them all in this week, but… » 7/12/14 8:18pm 7/12/14 8:18pm

Inside the Morgan Motor Company (Mega Gallery)

Morgan is one of the strange anomalies of the automotive world. For one, it doesn't seem like they should exist at all. How many car manufacturers out there are as small as Morgan (2012 was a record year for production at around 1,500 cars over five models), haven't been swallowed up by a larger manufacturer, and… » 6/05/13 2:39pm 6/05/13 2:39pm

TSA agent leaves nice note about sex toy in passenger's luggage

In an email titled "Hilarious/Horrifying?," a tipster sent along this picture of a TSA luggage inspection notice that came with a sexxxtra-special bonus message: GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL. "This happened to my friend on a flight on Saturday," the tipster writes. "Apparently TSA found a 'personal item' in her bag." Hmmm,… » 10/24/11 12:45pm 10/24/11 12:45pm