The 22-Year Saga of Mr Belvedere, Sawzall Convertible Sedan!

Many of us have looked at a beat-to-hell sedan, then reached for the Sawzall and created an open-air summer cruiser. Then, when the weather turns cold/rainy, it gets junked. But if you're Belvedere Adrian, you keep driving it for decades! » 12/12/09 5:00pm 12/12/09 5:00pm

Watch Eight Hours Of Arse Freeze-A-Palooza BS Inspection In Three…

Racing will be getting underway in a few hours, so what better way to prepare than by watching a timelapse video of all the cars that came into the LeMons Supreme Court's clutches yesterday? Here we go! » 11/21/09 10:00am 11/21/09 10:00am

Down On The Alameda Street, 1940s Style: Can You Identify These Mystery…

On my way to the neighborhood taqueria, I passed the Eternal Yard Sale House down the block- every 'hood has one, right?- for the thousandth time... and finally bought something: a 50-year-old photo album with some cool old car photos. » 11/14/09 1:00pm 11/14/09 1:00pm

Girls With Cars: Photographs By Phillip Hall

We learned last year that most of you prefer hot rod pinups to European Booth Professionals, so here's a selection of Alameda photographer Phillip Hall's "Girls With Cars" work for you. » 10/24/09 3:00pm 10/24/09 3:00pm

$20 Bumper-Mounted Still Camera Works Great On The Race Track... Until…

You like to shoot race photos, but those uptight track officials won't let you get out on the track in your '89 Olds and get some up-close shots of the action? No problem! » 8/30/09 1:30pm 8/30/09 1:30pm

Lower Your Office's Property Values With Junkyard Desktop Wallpapers!

Yessir, I sure do love visiting the junkyard, and all those Junkyard Find posts have resulted in some photographs that look snazzy as computer desktop wallpaper. » 8/01/09 12:00pm 8/01/09 12:00pm

American Cars: Photographs By Kevin Gray

Today we're showing the work of a Los Angeles-based pro photographer who heads down on the street to find his subjects: battle-scarred American cars in their natural habitat! » 7/05/09 12:00pm 7/05/09 12:00pm

Lamborghini, The Early Years: An Exclusive Gallery

In 1969, barely six years after its founding, a young Hungarian engineering student found himself at the Lamborghini factory. Presented here for the first time are his photographs of Miuras, Espadas and huge V12’s. » 7/03/09 3:00pm 7/03/09 3:00pm

A Tilt-Shift Romp Through the Train-Dotted Swiss Countryside

Now that HD-video capable DSLR cameras are finding their way into the hands of photographic tricksters, beautiful stuff is beginning to emerge. The latest is tilt-shifted train porn by two Dutchmen. » 6/25/09 12:30pm 6/25/09 12:30pm

Formula One Through Tilt-Shift Lenses

Originally developed for architectural photography, tilting and shifting lenses are much more than gadgets for turning cars into toys. Professionals even use them to document the ins and outs of Formula One. Mega-sized gallery below. » 6/24/09 12:00pm 6/24/09 12:00pm

Automobile As Landscape By Dave Glass

Joe Bob Briggs hisself reviewed Alameda's drive-in theater back when I worked there, and I decided to write about it. First, though, I'd need a photo of the place, so I headed over to Flickr.
» 5/17/09 10:00am 5/17/09 10:00am

Murilee's Interstate 5 Road Trip Photos Of The Late 1980s

I've finally dragged out the ol' SCSI slide scanner (purchased back when my main computer was a Centris 650, so we're talking prehistoric hardware here) and digitized more of my old I-5 photos. » 5/16/09 5:00pm 5/16/09 5:00pm

Wohnwagen: A Seedy Yet Intriguing Interactive Photo of Various Cars

We found this on a Dutch blog with very little explanation, but an underlit trailer park with a caravan, an Impala and a Gallardo is already exciting enough. Potentially NSFW. » 5/14/09 2:30pm 5/14/09 2:30pm

The Future Of On-The-Go Driving Videos

Forget hacked iPhones with their crap lenses: to make your reckless driving videos look pretty, grab a video-capable DSLR and stick it out the window. » 5/06/09 10:30am 5/06/09 10:30am

Invasion Of The Porsche 356 Racers!

Pacific Northewest-based race photographer and Datsun 510 racer VintageRacer has continued to send us plenty of great action shots, and now it's time to share a few.
» 2/22/09 3:00pm 2/22/09 3:00pm

Forget The Tilt-Shift: World's Largest Avocado Menaces 1970 Impala

While the tilt-shift photographic technique is a lot of fun » 11/26/08 6:00pm 11/26/08 6:00pm, you can't beat the infinite depth-of-field you get with a good ol' when it comes to distorting so-called reality! Here's a shot of my parked next to an avocado, done on a homemade pinhole camera. Actually, this image is half of a stereo pair from a…

70 Years Of Cars In Los Angeles: The UCLA Library Digital Collection

Because the 5,000 LA Times » 11/03/08 10:00am 11/03/08 10:00am and photographs in UCLA's collection were all shot in Southern California- where the car has been king for 75 years- a bit of searching will unearth a lot of seriously cool car photos . Make the jump to see a gallery with 50 of our favorites, then follow the link to the whole collection…

Can the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V Do Burnouts?

We can’t actually answer this question until September 24 at 12:01 AM, so you’ll just have to check out the gallery after the jump and judge for yourself. Our review of the 556 HP, 551 LB-FT, 191mph, 0-60 in 3.9 second 2009 Cadillac CTS-V » 8/21/08 9:20pm 8/21/08 9:20pm will go live then. And, before you ask, no, just like the , this wasn’t me. This…

2009 Corvette ZR1 Mega Gallery

Think you’ve seen all of our photos from our review » 8/20/08 6:35pm 8/20/08 6:35pm of the ? Well you haven’t. Follow the jump for every single one of our 81 photos of the "best car ever made," in all their unedited glory.