Philadelphia Uber Driver Accused Of Raping Female Passenger 

In a disturbing story published today by Philadelphia magazine, a woman alleges that the Uber driver that picked her up in Philadelphia's Old City last month "held her arms down, ripped her pants, and raped her." » 3/24/15 3:37pm 3/24/15 3:37pm

​This Poor Guy Got The World's Quickest Parking Ticket

Philadelphia resident Brian Yan might be the recipient of a new world record. He went from parking his car to getting a ticket in under a minute. Maybe quicker. » 8/04/14 8:43pm 8/04/14 8:43pm

Philadelphia Police Searching for Two Carjackers Who Killed Three Kids

Two men in Philadelphia are still on the run after driving a stolen SUV into a family selling fruit for their church, killing three young children. » 7/26/14 1:28pm 7/26/14 1:28pm

Here's What Evacuating An Emergency Plane Landing Looks Like

Not only did one passenger take a selfie in front of the Philadelphia emergency landing, it looks like another took video as well. » 3/14/14 10:45am 3/14/14 10:45am

Woman Loses Arm In Hit-And-Run, Police Need Help IDing The Vehicle

An officer with the Philadelphia Police Department's accident-investigation unit reached out to Jalopnik seeking help identifying a vehicle involved in a Saturday morning hit-and-run which left a 25-year-old woman badly injured. » 10/22/13 4:00pm 10/22/13 4:00pm

Philadelphia Man Fights Chevy Corsica, Corsica Wins

You don't really think "Like a Rock" when you think Chevrolet Corsica, but who would've thought Chevy's little '90s compact would hold its own in a street brawl? » 9/19/13 10:30am 9/19/13 10:30am

Street Racer Running From Police Helicopter Is Like GTA In Real Life

This is what Grand Theft Auto would look like in real life — a group of Honda Civic street racers are spotted by a police helicopter, then flee through the streets of Philadelphia. They outsmart the cops, and then upload the whole thing to YouTube. » 9/09/13 3:08pm 9/09/13 3:08pm

Using Weed To Pay For A Cab Ride In Front Of Cops Is Never A Good Idea

Just, you know, FYI. Because Michael Medvec, a 23-year-old Philly resident, tried it last Friday night, when he didn't have the eight bucks he needed to pay the fare back to his apartment. Let's read along with the Philadelphia Daily News, which got the deets from Philly police captain Brian Korn: » 4/06/13 9:06am 4/06/13 9:06am

Philadelphia Cinema: Barber Chased by Furious Naked Man After He Films…

When the video of a guy talking about filming a naked "gorilla" man is as entertaining as the video of the naked "gorilla" man itself, that's how you know you're in Philadelphia, city of stars, cast of lunatics. » 1/25/13 3:40pm 1/25/13 3:40pm

Identify These Car Parts And Help Catch A Hit-And-Run Driver Who Killed…

Law enforcement agencies from across the U.S. have reached out to Jalopnik for help with car identifications since your input was "critical" to solving a hit-and-run last year, among others. » 1/08/13 4:20pm 1/08/13 4:20pm

The FBI Says A Large Amount Of Unreleased $100 Bills Stolen From Fed…

At approximately 10:25 AM yesterday, a plane originating in Dallas landed in Philadelphia and delivered an undisclosed number of $100 bills that had not yet been put into circulation. Between the time the plane landed and the money was supposed to arrive at the Federal Reserve Building in East Rutherford, New Jersey… » 10/12/12 5:05pm 10/12/12 5:05pm

Ten Year Old Boy Steals A Van And Crashes Into Five Cars

One thing I always imagined when I was a kid was stealing a car and driving away with it for miles. I didn't do it because, well, I was a little timid and I preferred to not be in trouble or arrested. » 10/01/12 1:40pm 10/01/12 1:40pm

Bomb Threat On US Airways Plane Actually Worst Birthday Prank Ever

A US Airways plane was sent back to Philadelphia International Airport this morning due to a call reporting a passenger had liquid explosives on board. » 9/06/12 11:45am 9/06/12 11:45am

Identify This Car And Help Catch A Guy Who Tried To Abduct A…

We've grown pretty familiar with daily heinous-crime reports in Philly of late. But every so often, along comes a story that shatters any desensitization. Wednesday offered one of those stories. » 7/19/12 10:15am 7/19/12 10:15am

Tonight's Frontline Is About West Philly High School Gearheads

In the PBS Frontline documentary that airs tonight, a group of kids from a gritty urban high school in west Philadelphia are talking trash. They've built two hybrid cars designed to get 100 mpg and compete on the track, something they say automotive engineers haven't done so much of. » 7/17/12 6:00pm 7/17/12 6:00pm

Suspect in 7-Eleven hit-and-run surrenders

The woman sought by police for knocking a 7-Eleven employee through the store's window with her Dodge Caliber then driving off turned herself in today. Her reason for fleeing? "She was afraid." Of a 7-Eleven clerk with a shattered leg? » 6/24/11 2:45pm 6/24/11 2:45pm

City turns street into race track to "calm traffic"

Planners in the Philadelphia suburb of Newton Township are betting the solution to aggressive drivers is "Traffic Calming," which places temporary "obstacles" in the road. These "obstacles" are better known to racers as "chicanes." » 6/23/11 3:00pm 6/23/11 3:00pm

A vintage motorcycle mechanic's lament for the future

Adam Cramer runs a vintage motorcycle shop in Philadelphia, and filmmaker Andrew David Watson pulled him away from his obsession long enough to hear Cramer's lament for the loss of American craftsmanship. Do your children know from a Phillips screwdriver? » 3/09/11 12:30pm 3/09/11 12:30pm

Naked Lady Survives Car Crash, Thanks God with Butt

Philadelphia police arrived on the scene of a car crash to discover the female driver naked, dancing, and performing downward dogs while hollering, "I'm free! I'm free! Thank you, God!" Video is somewhat NSFW. » 2/14/11 5:45pm 2/14/11 5:45pm

The Harrowing Tale of an Amtrak Train Stuck on the Rails for 10 Hours

A train from Baltimore to Philadelphia stalled on the tracks for ten hours last night. With doors locked and electricity waning, passengers cried and fought for emergency rations. A local news reporter happened to be on board, and tweeted it. » 12/17/10 5:22pm 12/17/10 5:22pm