Audi RS4 Gets New Paint Job, We Yawn

Seriously Audi — you're better than this. I mean for real, this is so something we expect to see from the General, not so much the highly precise automaker. That's because we have an expectation of the requirement of the issuance of a press release on a new color from the sometimes-number-one automaker because it's… » 5/07/07 10:45am 5/07/07 10:45am

Bespoke My Ride: Rolls Royce Phantom Black

The mega-pimps at Rolls-Royce are taking their joint off the block, offering 25 special-edition Phantoms. Every one of the "Phantom Black" models — which are painted in special "Diamond Black" paint — are spoken for. Their 21" alloys would dwarf most other cars, but on the Phantom they look like doughnuts in search of a… » 7/06/06 3:06pm 7/06/06 3:06pm