Peugeot Prologue Concept Coming To Paris, Interbreeding Several Universes

We aren't fluent in French. So when we loaded the press release for this new Peugeot Prologue Concept into our handy-dandy computerized language translation device, we were a bit befuddled by the proclamation that the Prologue was the result of "the interbreeding of several universes" or something. As this is a… » 9/15/08 4:40pm 9/15/08 4:40pm

Peugeot Reveals Teaser Shots Of "RC..." GT Hybrid Concept For Paris

Peugeot promises to reveal the full name of its "RC..." concept car at the 2008 Paris Motor Show » 8/20/08 8:30am 8/20/08 8:30am, along with a few more details about the just-announced concept. So what do we know? It's designed to be a technical showcase, a hybrid with 313 HP (though it's unknown if that's combined IC and electric), and it looks…