Top Seven Fuel-Efficient Summer Road Trip Cars You Can't Buy Here...But Wish You Could

We here at Jalopnik know you want to get out on the open road this summer to make some memories, so we've chosen our favorite fuel-sipping road trip vehicles for those of us who may be hit by a little thing called "the skyrocketing price of gas." Yes, unlike the other "road trip lists" we've seen lately, these are… »6/11/08 12:30pm6/11/08 12:30pm


Hypermiling Couple Sets World Record With 90 MPG Drive Around Australian Coast

Remember when we drove a European-spec Honda Civic 2.2 i-CTDi on a 100-mile road trip? We did pretty well, averaging 72 MPG. While we were throughly impressed, it was nothing compared to earning two spots in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Helen and John Taylor, a British couple, earned their two spots of fame in… »5/28/08 9:20am5/28/08 9:20am