UPDATE: Petersen Museum Loaned Bugatti Veyron To Conan

Our theory about where Conan O'Brien got the Bugatti for his crazy expensive sketch was correct. We now have confirmation from the Petersen Automotive Museum that they did loan the car to the Tonight Show for last night's sketch. » 1/21/10 12:45pm 1/21/10 12:45pm

A Confederacy of Deuces: 75 '32 Fords

While the Bumbeck Starion could arguably considered the Baskerville '32 Ford Roadster of Web 2.0 (we can't believe we just said "Web 2.0"), we doubt that one day there will ever be more Starions on the road than there were during the car's heyday. While rodding may have been initially honed on the Tin Lizzie, as well as… » 1/30/07 1:45am 1/30/07 1:45am