The Momo Mirage Is A Hybrid Of Ferrari And Rolls-Royce With A Chevy V8

You might remember New York real estate mogul Peter Kalikow's name from seven years ago, when he ordered himself a custom 612 from Ferrari called Kappa. Well, back in the late sixties, he went further. Meet the Momo Mirage. » 8/23/13 3:42pm 8/23/13 3:42pm

Post-Debut Pre-Debut of Peter Kalikow's Ferrari 612 Kappa

After we'd finished ogling the 599 in the Ferrari North America tent on Friday, we stepped outside for a dose of nicotine (it's the pause that refreshes, after all), and stumbled right into Peter Kalikow's Pininfarina-massaged 612 Scaglietti, dubbed the 612 Kappa. We shot the shit with some Ferraristi and gleaned… » 8/22/06 8:00pm 8/22/06 8:00pm

Another Billionaire's Ferrari: Peter Kalikow's Scaglietti

Pininfarina's released a press kit introducing the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti "K" the venerable design firm built for New York billionaire, real estate mogul, former owner of the New York Post, chairman of the MTA (NYC's transit authority) and all-around filthy-rich collector of priceless Ferraris, Peter Kalikow. The… » 8/10/06 8:24am 8/10/06 8:24am