2010 Ford Taurus Revealed Because Of Those Darn Meddling Kids?

We were a bit surprised when pictures of the 2010 Ford Taurus were revealed exceptionally early. Almost as surprised as Ford was. Though things will sneak out every time from time to time once embargoed pictures or press releases get sent to the press or when mules and testers begin to hit the streets, this was a rare… »4/21/08 8:40am4/21/08 8:40am

Everybody's Doing It: More Detroit Auto Show Embargoed Lincoln MKR Concept Content

After everyone learned last week about the tragically debilitating collective selective memory loss disorder suffered by the employees of Car & Driver (I know, how tragic is it that it only affects the ability to remember what date their magazine's printed on and pops up only during months preceding major auto… »12/27/06 4:01pm12/27/06 4:01pm

Jalopnik Team Party Crash: Ford Wishes Us Happy Holidays, We Eat Their Debt-Leveraged Brand Image

Last night was certainly strange at FoMoCo's automotive press mutual masturbation War On Christmas holiday "party" at Detroit's Fox Theater. It felt strange not only because 10,000 white collar workers received buyout "offers" on Monday but also the desserts seemed to indicate the image problems certain FoMoCo NorAm… »12/13/06 6:30pm12/13/06 6:30pm

Ford To Show Employees And Retirees Everything But Kitchen Sink From Now Until 2010

Mark "Movie Star" Fields is making one hell of a "Bold Move" for the weekend after Thanksgiving — showing off something he's calling the "Showroom of the Future" at Detroit's Cobo Hall. The little post-turkey extravaganza is a curtain pull on FoMoCo's future product plans for Ford NorAm from now until, you know,… »11/16/06 7:45am11/16/06 7:45am

Ford's B.M. — Episode VI: FoMoCo PR's Got The Biggest Balls Of Them All

We've been a bit lackadaisical in our coverage of the "Bold Moves" documentary as of late, and for the two of you who're fans of the 50-part documentary, we apologize (sorry Bill and Mark!). For the rest of us, watching these web-isodes is kind of like passing a car accident on the side of the road, where the only… »7/27/06 12:30pm7/27/06 12:30pm

Ford's B.M. — Episode II: Peter Horbury Has Balls; But Does "Dave"?

Ford's just released the second of 20 webisodes comprising its "Bold Moves" documentary. In this segment, the focus is on design (or the lack thereof). It's so overflowing with brilliant lines, we can't even pick a favorite to run through the Jalopnik meat grinder. There's Mark Fields, with, "We gotta get that design… »7/07/06 5:25pm7/07/06 5:25pm