PETA Wants To Put Bikini-Clad Vegans On Baltimore Fire Trucks

A Baltimore City Councilman wants to put advertisements on the city's fleet of fire trucks in order to ease their massive debt. Self-aggrandizing alternative ad agency People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) wants to help by buying the first round of ads. Of course, since it's PETA, there's a mostly… » 4/23/12 10:30am 4/23/12 10:30am

F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone's Hot Daughter Poses Semi-Nude For PETA

We don't know how it's possible that Tamara Ecclestone is even mildly related to her father Bernie, the boss of F1 and general all-around ugly guy. Despite our suspicions on her true paternity, she's posed draped only in a checkered flag for PETA's "I would rather go naked than wear fur" campaign. These images,… » 10/10/08 10:20am 10/10/08 10:20am

Pam Anderson Sacrifices Viper For Animal Ethics

Pam Anderson continues in her current career as "vapid celeb throwing money at organizations forged from whining and communism," electing to sell her 2000 Dodge Viper RT/10 to benefit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (NAMBLA). The white-striped Viper is probably better off out of Ms. Anderson's hands… » 6/10/08 2:40pm 6/10/08 2:40pm

Dodge Dog-Gate Continues, Fake Puppy Snuff Viral Vid Still Available On…

Chrysler Group PR main-man Jason Vines dropped a press release yesterday claiming he's working hard to get the Dutch viral video of a dog being electrocuted by the Dodge Nitro SUV off of YouTube. The only problem is it doesn't look like it's doing a lot of good. Actually, if you do a simple search of the popular pop… » 7/20/07 8:30am 7/20/07 8:30am

Chim-Chim Beaten After Biting Speed, Says PETA

Did Chim-Chim get a beat-down? That's the allegation PETA put to "Speed Racer" producer Joel Silver in a letter recently. According to the missive — publicized by MSNBC gossip columnist Jeanette Walls — PETA received complains the chimpanzee actor portraying Chim was beaten after biting an actor. A response from… » 7/02/07 10:15am 7/02/07 10:15am

Note to 'American Idol' Prospects: Cowell Doesn't Appreciate…

As an odd, cred-killing side-note, one Jalopnik was actually in both the El Camino High Madrigal choir, as well as the Central Valley Regional Honor Choir with American Idol contestant Mandisa Hundley, who is a very nice woman and only accused us of being a racist once, when we, as a part of a pre-Homecoming stunt,… » 8/14/06 11:00pm 8/14/06 11:00pm

Pam Anderson wants a G-wagen, Hold the Cow Carcass

Pam's right. Asking for a leather-free luxury car these days is like ordering a vegan smoothie in Wisconsin — the shopkeepers give you 20 seconds to walk away before calling the FBI. Anderson, a PETA spokesmodel of late, put in a such a request for a Mercedes G55 AMG, which was denied by the powers that be — who've… » 11/03/05 11:51am 11/03/05 11:51am