Report: Bugatti gets green light to build Galibier sedan

Always wanted Veyron levels of power but needed room for the kids? Bugatti is ready to make your dream a reality because the Galibier has reportedly been given the green light. According to some in-the-know folks, Volkswagen has given a jewel-encrusted thumbs up that will allow Bugatti to build the four-door super… »4/01/11 1:01pm4/01/11 1:01pm

Exclusive 2006 SEMA Preview! Ford Encases The Fusion In A Darth Vader-esque 3dCarbon-ite Body Kit

You'll forgive the pun, but as I sit here in a Dearborn Starbucks, I'm listening to two fan-boys spout off on whether Episode III was better than Episode V — which as everyone knows, isn't even a contest. Which brings me full-vicious-circle to the last of FoMoCo's immortal trilogy that is the automaker's preview of… »10/24/06 4:01pm10/24/06 4:01pm

Exclusive 2006 SEMA Preview! The Ford F-150 FX2 Sport Extreme Will Smoke Your Ass

The second pimped-out performance ride we had the opportunity to taste this morning at the Dearborn Development Center was a meaty F-150 pickup seasoned with an FX2 package and then spiced-out with add-on accessories straight from the pages of Ford accessories catalogs. That's the message the FoMoCo media mommies were… »10/24/06 2:15pm10/24/06 2:15pm