This Innocent-Looking Race Car Caged The Last Innovative Beast Of Indy

There's been a bit of consternation recently about how to make the Indy 500 popular again. Not that it doesn't have any friends, but it's not the absurdly massive spectacle that it used to be. One of the reasons is that much of the innovation is gone. And a lot of that is thanks to the monster hidden in this race car. » 5/17/14 2:34pm 5/17/14 2:34pm

Penske Indy Racing Sees Spares Go Up In Race Car Flambe

In a terrible blow for the Penske Racing team, two of their cars and loads of equipment were lost in a freak trailer fire in transit between race venues. The trailer is believed to have caught fire as a result of a wheel bearing failure and gotten out of control after the drivers where unable to put the blaze out with… » 8/21/08 5:23pm 8/21/08 5:23pm

Sam Hornish Leaving IndyCar, Heading To Nascar

Yes, it's true — IndyCar champion Sam Hornish Jr. is following in the footsteps of Juan Pablo Montoya, Dario Franchitti and Jacques Villeneuve by leaving the IndyCar series for the bright lights, big paycheck and loose left turns of Nascar. The three-time IndyCar champ said he'll be driving the #77 Dodge for Penske… » 11/08/07 12:15pm 11/08/07 12:15pm

Hey, Hey, You, You, Get Off Of My Lawn

Residents of a community lucky enough to maybe be near a Penske Racing facility are totally blowing it with their not-in-my-backyard attitude. The company wants to build a testing track where it can test and develop their high performance vehicles in the middle of a Mooresville business park. The future neighbors are… » 11/02/07 12:30pm 11/02/07 12:30pm

Five Questions For Today's Detroit Grand Prix IndyCar Race

We're up and runnin' today from the Corvette chalet here in the middle of the Detroit River to finish off our Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix coverage with some hot IndyCar racing action. So whether you're coming to the race today, watching it on ABC at 3:30 or reading our live-blog here (hint-hint) here's five… » 9/02/07 9:53am 9/02/07 9:53am

Spoiler Alert! Penske Racing's Romain Dumas Wins In Last Second Stunner!

The home town boy's team made it happen when it counted here at the Detroit Grand Prix — at the very last second. On the 106th lap, Romain Dumas took his Porsche RS Spyder to the checkered flag here on Belle Isle, propelling Penske Racing to the win, and making Detroit native and Penske Racing owner, Roger Penske, a… » 9/01/07 6:15pm 9/01/07 6:15pm

The Penske Porsches Are Coming! The Penske Porsches Are Coming!

The Corvettes aren't the only ones heading out the paddock. With the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix ALMS race just 45 minutes away, the Penske Racing Porsche RS Spyders have up, revved and run their 480 horsepower engines out of the paddock just the same as their yellow brethren. These are the same Penske Porsches that… » 9/01/07 2:45pm 9/01/07 2:45pm