Did A Dealer Ignore A Faulty, Dangerous BMW?

Last month when Steve Rock saw the warning lights on his BMW 335i suddenly light up he quickly called his BMW dealership, who informed him he should bring his car in immediately. Once there they dismissed the warnings and sent him on his way. Two days later the steering in his BMW failed and he crashed off the road. » 1/05/12 4:00pm 1/05/12 4:00pm

Penske Indy Racing Sees Spares Go Up In Race Car Flambe

In a terrible blow for the Penske Racing team, two of their cars and loads of equipment were lost in a freak trailer fire in transit between race venues. The trailer is believed to have caught fire as a result of a wheel bearing failure and gotten out of control after the drivers where unable to put the blaze out with… » 8/21/08 5:23pm 8/21/08 5:23pm