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Penis Car Is Something To Get Excited About

Excited? Get it? It's because it's an erect penis! This moderately NSFW clip involves a young chap, two ladies and one hell of an unfortunately sub-compact penis car capable of becoming aroused. I'll have to admit, I was mildly surprised by the uncircumcised nature of the penis car. When modifying a car to look like a… » 2/27/08 3:30pm 2/27/08 3:30pm

Why Yes, That Man IS Pulling A Car With His Penis

As you can see, he's totally got the one-car penis-pull mastered. Of course now that we've seen this we're wondering whether it's possible for Swedish TV to get any weirder. Why yes, it can — because we hear he's now working towards attempting the two-car penis pull. Video (and yes, it's safe for work) via the link… » 11/20/06 6:15pm 11/20/06 6:15pm