NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson Penalized After Crew Member Hip Checks In A Big Fender Dent

NASCAR recently cracked down on fender modifications. They’ve also added cameras along pit lane to monitor teams a little closer when a suspicious fender mod shows up on track. You can guess how well this went for Jimmie Johnson’s team when a crew member hip-checked a big dent in the side of the car.
»11/22/15 6:31pm11/22/15 6:31pm


168 Grid Penalties In One Formula One Race Makes My Head Spin

A record 168 grid penalties were assigned in total for today’s Italian Grand Prix starting grid. One hundred and sixty eight. Seven of the twenty drivers were affected. Manor Marussia’s Will Stevens now starts 13th, for Pete’s sake. Is this season over yet? Here’s the shakedown of who got penalized for what.
»9/06/15 8:08am9/06/15 8:08am

Formula One's First Extra Engine Penalties Hit The Grid In Canada

So, it begins: Max Verstappen and Jenson Button both received grid penalties for using a fifth power unit for the Canadian Grand Prix. With some teams experiencing reliability on par with a Renault Fuego at a LeMons race, this won’t be the last time we see penalties for using a season’s four-engine allotment too soon. »6/07/15 3:18pm6/07/15 3:18pm

Things Are Still A Bit Awkward In The Pirelli World Challenge Paddock

As you can probably imagine, not every issue from last weekend’s Pirelli World Challenge penaltyfest was resolved before this weekend’s event at Barber Motorsports Park. Today’s GTS race was a great one, but there’s still a lot of tension behind the scenes. Sportscar365 was there to get the full rundown.
»4/25/15 9:20am4/25/15 9:20am

World Challenge Penalizes Half The Field After Crazy Long Beach Race

Following this weekend’s messy Pirelli World Challenge race, twenty separate racing incidents were under investigation by the stewards. The penalties assessed are now live on the series website, and twenty of the forty drivers participating will lose points, money or grid positions over the Long Beach race.
»4/22/15 10:30am4/22/15 10:30am

Driver So Mad At Race That He Refused To Do The Champagne Spray

Twenty-five cars are currently under investigation for various incidents during the Long Beach Grand Prix round of the Pirelli World Challenge, including that of Ryan Dalziel. Dalziel was so frustrated with how this race went that he just walked off the podium during the celebration afterwards.
»4/21/15 4:21pm4/21/15 4:21pm

The Definitive Visual Guide On How Not To Behave In A Motorcycle Race

Let Moto3 rider Romano Fenati demonstrate nearly every single bad behavior you could do in a motorcycle race. Fenati had a bit of a beef with fellow rider Niklas Ajo during the warm-up session for this weekend’s race, not only kicking at his competitor’s bike, but later reaching over and disabling that bike on the… »4/20/15 10:00pm4/20/15 10:00pm

Chevrolet Now Has Negative Points Due To Illegal IndyCar Engine Repair

According to RACER, eleven of the twelve Chevrolet engines used in the IndyCar season opener had illegal engine repairs made after the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Chevrolet earned 128 points for their successful weekend, but they've now been penalized 220 points for the banned repairs. Oops! »4/06/15 6:15pm4/06/15 6:15pm

NASCAR Still Won't Listen To Any Criticism From Its Own Drivers

NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France aired quite a bit of interesting information in his annual preseason radio appearance Tuesday night on the Motor Racing Network. In addition to addressing the Busch trial, he also reiterated that criticizing NASCAR's racing product will (still) not be tolerated. »1/08/15 2:31pm1/08/15 2:31pm

NASCAR Penalizes Crew, But Not Drivers For Huge Fight At Texas

Per NASCAR, it's throwing a punch that crosses the line if you're fighting in the pits after a race. I guess headlocks aren't hardcore enough. Four crew members were hit with fines and suspensions, and their crew chiefs were fined and placed on probation for not properly overseeing their crew. »11/05/14 9:32am11/05/14 9:32am