Top 5 Ways To Relieve Yourself If You're Stuck Flying A Plane

The thin/dry air of high altitudes, long exposure to direct sunlight, and jet lag can all wreak havoc on your body. Proper hydration is fundamental to keep you in the air. Here are the top 5 ways, in no particular order, to relieve yourself inflight after consuming enough liquid to sustain a small African village. » 12/09/14 3:36pm 12/09/14 3:36pm

​I Went Camping With Bear Grylls, And Survived

"Hey, you want to come camping with Bear?" That's a pretty random email to get on a Thursday morning, and it contained no other details. So, I said yes, packed a bag and hopped on a plane to New Mexico. Here's what happened over the next few days. » 11/21/14 11:33am 11/21/14 11:33am

Jerk Pees On Ferrari, The Internet Erupts

So some drunk Canadian teenager peed on a Ferrari. Usually that wouldn't merit coverage — we're sure 90% of the world's Ferraris have been urinated on by inebriated teenagers at some point in time. But this one involved urination caught on video, posted on Flickr, then YouTube, and has received such an outrageous… » 7/10/08 2:40pm 7/10/08 2:40pm