Volkswagen PC Mod Makes PC More Respectable

If may not be quite as Hasselhoff-cool as the KITT PC casemod, but If anything can be said about this VW Beetle PC mod, it's that the craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful. Someone took a scale Beetle model and crammed a fully functioning PC inside of it. The front bumper has a slotted laptop-style CD drive, and the… » 3/03/08 12:00pm 3/03/08 12:00pm

Scrapping a Porsche? Build a PC!

Heaven forbid a Porsche Cayenne would ever have to be parted out, but if so, here's one way to make use of the 18-inch wheel shell. The creation was made as part of hardware manufacturer NVIDIA's computer case modding contest for Top Mods, a computer modding publication.

» 12/21/07 2:45pm 12/21/07 2:45pm