Sinead O'Connor got married in Vegas in a pink Cadillac

In the textbook definition of classy, Irish science experiment Sinead O'Connor got married to her fourth husband while sitting in the back of a pink Cadillac at the wedding chapel on the Vegas strip that Britney used when she was married for 48 seconds to some dude. » 12/09/11 8:45am 12/09/11 8:45am

How About Some Nudity with Your Morning Commute?

A man in Los Angeles jogging down the 405 in nothing but a pair of socks was arrested yesterday. Apparently he was stopping cars and trying to engage with the drivers. I don't know about you—and I'd have to see the front view—but I would definitely roll down my window to talk to this guy. » 4/06/11 3:39pm 4/06/11 3:39pm

Did Lindsay Lohan Hit a Baby in a Stroller with Her Maserati?

We enter the scene at the moment after impact: Lindsay Lohan's shiny black Maserati drives away as a baby begins to cry. A paparazzo says this shaky video depicts Lindsay Lohan hitting a stroller, then fleeing. But does it really? » 9/03/10 6:01pm 9/03/10 6:01pm