Project Car Hell, Underdog Versus Superpower Edition: Glas or Lotus?

Welcome to Project Car Hell »11/07/08 5:40pm11/07/08 5:40pm, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Yesterday, we found a way for a Citroën SM to lose a PCH challenge: set up a pretty nice example as a clay pigeon to be No, it wasn't fair, but it proves the point that the SM still reigns…

Sexual Humiliation Forces Young Elephant Seals to Take Their Chances With Traffic

A 5,000-lb. elephant seal? A speeding Ford F-150? California's PCH near San Simeon? A deadly melange, according to a report today in the LA Times. Theories abound as to why elephant seals are trying to move from their protected environs on one side of California 1 to the other, but our fave has to be that, starting in… »2/04/08 3:45pm2/04/08 3:45pm

I Am The Gert: Riding Shotgun In A Se7en Over Decker Canyon

For part 47 of "Why My Job Is Better than Your Job," I direct your attention to how I spent my Saturday. Turns out that Jalopnik blabbermouth commenter and all around righteous dude Al Navarro is president of, a new club dedicated to all cars inspired by the legendary Lotus 7. He sent the Postfather a query… »2/12/07 12:00pm2/12/07 12:00pm

PT Cruiser PCH: Dodge Announces California Edition Cruiser

Carmakers have been building California edition cars since the Governator was just a seed in the pocket of some Austrian's brownish shirt. Now, as Wert found out — he's prowling around metro Detroit, looking for a free press luncheon and a nice cabernet — Chrysler's building a limited edition PT Cruiser with a West… »8/15/06 9:59am8/15/06 9:59am