"Car of the Future" Nova Episode Stunk, But Here's The Interesting Part

Yeah, so, that Car of the Future episode of Nova with Click and Clack just wasn't all that good, sorry about that. The episode should probably have been called "Moments of forced laughter from two funny old guys in between John Lithgow talking down to the viewer about the car of the future". However, buried in the… » 4/23/08 4:20pm 4/23/08 4:20pm

Car Show We Don't Watch Names Honda Fit "Best of the Year"

PBS's MotorWeek, which is like Top Gear without humor, high production value or entertaining hosts, has named its "Drivers' Choice Awards" for 2007. Most of the choices aren't that surprising: Lexus LS as the "Best Luxury Sedan" and Ford Shelby GT500 for the "Best Performance Car." The one thing that sticks out is… » 2/12/07 4:35pm 2/12/07 4:35pm

PBS's "Nova" to Feature DARPA Grand Challenge Tonight

Prop-heads set your Tivos on stun. PBS's "Nova" tonight will feature a look at last October's DARPA Grand Challenge autonomous vehicle race, on a episode it calls "The Great Robot Race." The program will follow contestants in the lead-up to the race followed by the competition, in which a Volkswagen Touareg named… » 3/28/06 10:10am 3/28/06 10:10am