Fast & Furious 7 Should Not Use CGI Paul Walker

"No, nope, nah, no thanks, never, don't do this. WHY. Stop it. Just stop." That will be the resounding outcry of true fans on the April 10, 2015 release day of Fast & Furious 7, which is set to feature a patchwork of Paul Walker computer regenerations and slapdash body doubles. The decision is a dishonorable one, and… » 3/22/14 5:37pm 3/22/14 5:37pm

First Trailer For Fast & Furious 7 Opens At A Funeral

The Fast & Furious franchise has been on a roller coaster since the shocking death of Paul Walker. But production of the seventh installment has pushed through. Here is the first look. » 1/31/14 10:43am 1/31/14 10:43am

​New Fast & Furious 7 Poster Brings "Vin Diesel" to Tears

["Vin Diesel", who is probably not Vin Diesel, took to Twitter today to share a new teaser poster for Fast & Furious 7, noting the homage to deceased co-star Paul Walker makes him "want to cry." "This is where roads part," the image reads while two cars speed away from each other in the probably-fake poster. Image via Twitter » 1/21/14 5:33pm 1/21/14 5:33pm

Porsche Paul Walker Died In Was Going More Than 100 MPH Before Crash

The Porsche Carrera GT driven by Roger Rodas and carrying Fast & Furious star Paul Walker was traveling more than 100 mph before it crashed in November, killing both men, according to the final autopsy report from the LA county coroner. » 1/03/14 1:57pm 1/03/14 1:57pm

Fast & Furious 7 Will Be Released In April 2015, Vin Diesel Says

The show must go on, even if it'll go on later than expected. An overhauled "Fast & Furious 7" will hit theaters on April 10, 2015, almost a year after its previous July 2014 release date. And the late Paul Walker will be in it. » 12/23/13 12:40pm 12/23/13 12:40pm

'Speed Alone' Killed Paul Walker

"Speed and speed alone." That's how an investigator describes the car crash that killed actor Paul Walker and racing driver Roger Rodas last month, ruling out any mechanical issues with the Porsche Carrera GT they were riding in. » 12/19/13 2:26pm 12/19/13 2:26pm

Paul Walker's Brother Reportedly Filling In For Fast & Furious 7

With star Paul Walker's untimely death a few weeks ago, filming of Fast & Furious 7 was thrown up into the air, with reports saying that Walker's role was only half-filmed. Paul left, behind two brothers, however, and now younger sibling Cody, 25, is said to have been asked to fill in for Paul in certain shots. » 12/14/13 11:23am 12/14/13 11:23am

Execs Scrambling To Finish Fast & Furious 7 After Paul Walker's Death

Since Paul Walker's untimely death Nov. 30, there have been questions as to the future of Fast & Furious 7, the latest installment in the franchise that Walker would've been filming now had he not been killed. Now it appears Fast 7 is going for a major overhaul. » 12/12/13 9:00am 12/12/13 9:00am

Why It's Truly Unlikely Paul Walker's Crash Was Caused By Road Dots

As the investigation into the fatal crash that killed actor and all-around car guy Paul Walker continues, a new theory has surfaced that pins the blame on the plastic dots that line streets everywhere. While the news media has run with this theory, I'm extremely skeptical. » 12/11/13 4:48pm 12/11/13 4:48pm

Two Jalopnik Editors Discuss Paul Walker And Mexican Sports Cars On TV

Every now and again, your Jalopnik staff is allowed to unchain themselves from their keyboards, get cleaned up real nice, and appear on a medium known as "television." Not me, though; I'm considered far too handsome to ever appear on TV. » 12/03/13 5:15pm 12/03/13 5:15pm

All The Paul Walker Crash Video Shows Is Enthusiasts Trying To Help

While a recording of the unfortunate crash that killed Paul Walker and Roger Rodas might give investigators some idea of what happened and end the rampant speculation, the video circulating now mostly serves to feed the media's need for fresh images. But if you stick around after the crash you'll see something… » 12/03/13 10:33am 12/03/13 10:33am