Adam Carolla Explains Why Paul Newman Should Inspire Everyone

Earlier this year, I saw what I consider to be the greatest automotive documentary to date, entitled Winning: The Racing Life Of Paul Newman. I sat down with the movie’s director, Adam Carolla, about why Newman was an important figure, and why everyone should take a page out of Paul’s book of life. »5/05/15 9:26am5/05/15 9:26am


Winning Is The Best Racing Doc Since Senna, And That Means A Lot

The true measure of a man’s life can be summed up by the legacy he leaves behind. While that phrase borders on cliche, it’s the necessary backbone to a successful life. Paul Newman knew this better than most, and that’s one of the reasons why Winning: The Racing Life Of Paul Newman, in my opinion, has taken the title… »4/23/15 2:46pm4/23/15 2:46pm

Trailer: The Paul Newman Racing Documentary Winning Is Going To Be Great

"When you get out to that track... whatever it is that's roiling around in your head, it just goes right out the window." That's coming from Paul Newman, a man who knew what he was talking about. This is the first trailer for Adam Carolla's documentary on Newman's racing career, and boy does this film look awesome. »4/10/15 3:19pm4/10/15 3:19pm

These Iron Maidens Will Torture Your Ears

Don’t be fooled by the sweet stylings of silver screen legend Paul Newman singing a few verses from his iconic film "Cool Hand Luke". Everyone here knows his real passion was with speed. He raced sports cars in this exact race series, on this exact track, for longer than most of us have been alive and he knew first… »6/07/13 1:18pm6/07/13 1:18pm

Paul Newman Thinks The 1984 Nissan Skyline Is Terrific

Paul Newman did a lot of ads for Nissan in addition to racing their cars, and the association went far beyond the usual "big in Japan" deal in which foreigners make major yen for appearing in car ads, then flee back home. Nissan even came out with a Paul Newman Version »8/20/08 11:00am8/20/08 11:00am R30 Skyline, which is featured in one of the trio…