The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?

One of the more tantalizing and persistent myths in rock lore contends that “ Paul is dead”—that Paul McCartney died in a 1966 car accident and was secretly replaced with a lookalike. There are countless sites and rambling YouTube videos attempting to support this claim—based not just on the well-known middle-school… »4/20/15 2:55pm4/20/15 2:55pm


Sir Paul McCartney Horrified His LS600h Flown To UK, Challenges Lexus To A Joust

Sir Paul McCartney better hope that the carbon emissions you take aren't equal to the emissions you make as his Lexus LS600hL was flown to him by Lexus, as opposed to merely putting it on a boat. According to reports, the Lexus hybrid flagship, which was a gift to singer/vegan activist, made the 7,000-mile trip on a… »5/14/08 1:40pm5/14/08 1:40pm