Jeep Thinks The Patriot, Compass Are Too Cheap To Buy

Visit the "View All Vehicles" section of Jeep's website and select the "$17,000 to $21,000" price range, it displays no vehicles, subtly admitting the Compass and Patriot are too cheap and inconsequential to be considered. (Thanks Robert!) » 6/22/10 2:00pm 6/22/10 2:00pm

Jeep Patriot Back Country Concept Soft-Roads Toward Paris

Even the Jeep Patriot » 9/25/08 1:40pm 9/25/08 1:40pm is getting the VIP treatment for next month's , arriving in Mopar-accessorized Back Country regalia. The Patriot Back Country concept gets a special coat of Optic Green paint along with a roof-mounted cargo basket, off-road lighting, 18" wheels and tires and blackout treatments at key exterior…

Jeep Compass, Patriot To Get Upgraded Interior For 2009

The Jeep Compass (the Jeep MK platform for the ladies) and Patriot (the Jeep MK platform for the boys) will be getting revised interiors with softer lines for 2009, according to a first look at some Mopar dealer catalogs scanned by the Chrysler forum fan-boys at Allpar. Gone are most of the hard-edged "plastic box"… » 8/04/08 9:20am 8/04/08 9:20am

Ad Watch: The Jeep Patriot Is A Wolf?

With a starting price of $14,985, Patriot displaces the Compass, its platform prostituted sister, as the new entry-level price point for the Jeep brand. Just in case you've forgotten what the mini-Commander looks like, gander at the gallery below. For those of you who do remember, let's continue. The ad campaign… » 3/13/07 10:50am 3/13/07 10:50am

Hooray For Intra-Brand Badge Engineering! Jeep Patriot Gets A Starting…

Because you know we know you've been waiting with baited breath — we wanted to be first to tell you the starting price of the all-new 2007 Jeep Patriot is a lower-than-low $14,985. This allows the Patriot to drop in at a level lower than any other Jeep-branded product. That's right, lower than the Wrangler, lower than… » 12/13/06 2:35pm 12/13/06 2:35pm

Chrysler's UAW Rank-and-File May Feel Their Temp-erature Rise In…

Chrysler's been hyping the new third shift being added to the Toledo, Ohio plant to boost production of the Liberty-platform Dodge Nitro SUV. And no wonder — they're hiring the 750 added workers in Toledo from the pool of UAW workers sitting around in the job bank. That's the type of news that makes the UAW very… » 6/16/06 10:34am 6/16/06 10:34am

Dirty!: Jeep Reveals Wrangler Unlimited, Patriot

It took several NYC firemen and one model/actress, but Jeep unveiled its newest — the Wrangler Unlimited and its diminutive sibling, the Patriot this afternoon at the New York auto show. The Wrangler emerged from beneath a pile of dirt courtesy of firefighters' hoses, while the Patriot was christened by Eva Mendes,… » 4/12/06 3:25pm 4/12/06 3:25pm

Jeep Reveals Production-Ready Patriot CUV

Those who were nonplussed with the wagony Compass's Trail un-Ratedness might be less so with Jeep's new Patriot compact SUV, which Chrysler and company will unveil at the New York auto show next week. The first images of the production Patriot hit the online today, seven months after the concept version rolled onto a… » 4/09/06 1:01am 4/09/06 1:01am

USAT: Will Patriot and Compass Dilute Jeep Brand?

Man, when the graph-meisters at USA Today start getting all up in your grill about the new cute-non-utes you're attempting to grow the brand with, you might start to wonder if you'd made a bad decision. But not Jeep! John Plecha, director of the marque's marketing says, "We're not watering down the brand. We know… » 3/20/06 9:30pm 3/20/06 9:30pm

Frankfurt Premiere: Jeep Patriot and Compass Concepts

Greetings from Camp Jeep! (NB: Frankfurt is an irony-free zone.) DCX's off-roading brand has unleashed two new concepts for the compact SUV segment. The Patriot is the sensible one, a rugged, flying brick shaped-SUV designed to holster a new 2.4-liter four (coming soon to a Mitsubishi and Hyundai near you). The… » 9/13/05 1:41pm 9/13/05 1:41pm

Jeep Releases Images of Frankfurt Concepts

Chrysler Group released artists' renderings of what its new Jeep Compass Rallye and Jeep Patriot concepts will look like when they're unveiled at the Frankfurt show in September. Yesterday, we noted that evoking off-road rally culture was a natural fit for Jeep's marketing of a carlike vehicle. But looking at the… » 8/09/05 9:44am 8/09/05 9:44am

Jeep Crossover Concepts to Appear in Frankfurt

DaimlerChrysler is preparing two crossover concepts — models that have already been rumored as 2008 production models — to debut in that hot-dog town named for Frank. We kid Frankfurt, because it's shaping up to be a major flashpoint for a number of big automotive news items, including Jeep's introduction of its… » 8/08/05 10:40am 8/08/05 10:40am