This Tech Could Tell Cars When A Pedestrian Will Run Into The Street

For self-driving cars to work, they've got to do it all, and that includes navigating city streets where one of the biggest issues isn't just other cars, it's pedestrians. Humans have a sense of what a person will do based on their movements. Computers, not so much. Toyota has an idea how to fix that. » 2/19/15 6:55pm 2/19/15 6:55pm

​Toyota Takes Cue From Tesla, Releases Thousands Of Fuel Cell Patents

Toyota wants to spur hydrogen fuel cell adoption, just like Tesla wants automakers to develop electric vehicles. Tesla released its patents to the world and now Toyota is doing something similar with the release of 5,680 patents it used to develop the Toyota Mirai. » 1/05/15 4:30pm 1/05/15 4:30pm

Airbus Wants To Take The Cockpit Out Of The Cockpit Of The Future

Airbus has received a U.S. Patent that could literally reshape the way planes are flown. The design will be like flying a drone, but the pilots still be on the plane, looking at a digitally displayed real-time image rather than through traditional cockpit windows. » 7/01/14 7:10pm 7/01/14 7:10pm

The Ferrari SP FFX: Ferrari's (Probably) All-Wheel-Drive Supercoupe

Unless Ferrari is really screwing with everyone, this is Ferrari's next one-off, an all-wheel-drive V12 supercoupe called the FFX. » 10/23/13 4:45pm 10/23/13 4:45pm

This Ferrari FF Coupe Could Be The Best Car Ferrari Will Make

These are reportedly patent filings for an upcoming Ferrari. I can say with confidence it is a coupe version of the Ferrari FF. That would make it, in my eyes, the best car Ferrari could make. » 10/10/13 1:30pm 10/10/13 1:30pm

GM Files Patent To Make Minority Report Billboards A Reality

In Minority Report, Tom Cruise was served up individually-targeted ads. Now it appears General Motors wants to make this futuristic science fiction technology a reality with a just-published patent for billboards designed to serve up ads targeting a specific car based on their last navigational system input. » 4/30/12 12:30pm 4/30/12 12:30pm

This Man Fought Toyota For Stealing His Hybrid Tech And Won

Alex Severinsky, a Soviet emigrant who began his career developing antitank-warfare instrumentation, patented a system for powering gas-electric hybrids in 1994. Toyota used his system for the Prius without permission or payment. Until this week. » 7/21/10 2:35pm 7/21/10 2:35pm

The Crazy Taxis Of Future Past

Few things are more fascinating than the unrealized dream. In the 1930s, one man tried to reinvent the taxicab, only to disappear into obscurity. Daniel Strohl of Hemmings Blog takes this look at his plans. —Ed. » 7/05/10 12:00pm 7/05/10 12:00pm

Mercedes SLS AMG Convertible Leaked In Patent Application

We've seen the Mercedes SLS AMG convertible before, even in person, but these patent drawings confirm what our eyes have been telling us: it drops the gullwing doors and gains a soft top. » 3/11/10 11:15am 3/11/10 11:15am

Ever Seen The Patent For The Wienermobile?

No? How about the drawing that Bill Mitchell filed for the '63 Corvette? One of Henry Seagrave's land-speed record cars? Maybe you'd prefer a Weddell car-boat thing? We're ordering prints now. Why aren't you? [Vintagraph] » 3/01/10 11:00am 3/01/10 11:00am

Lotus Files Patent For Lighter, Simpler DSG

Consistent with their overriding philosophy, Lotus has entered a patent application for a lighter, simpler and more compact version of the complex dual-clutch transmission. » 1/06/10 10:30am 1/06/10 10:30am

First Look: Ferrari’s Upcoming AWD Hybrid Concept

European patent filings already show us how Modena plans to use hybrid technology for performance instead of economy. Now we know when. Reports indicate a gas/electric Ferrari Hybrid may show itself at this year's LA Auto Show. Let's peek inside. » 6/09/09 3:00pm 6/09/09 3:00pm

The Solution To Truck-Related Wind Drag: Box Fans!

Kambiz Salari, a researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has used a very simple method to solve a consequence of driving a truck. Salari has applied for a patent that will reduce the aerodynamic drag that accompanies driving a truck by essentially placing a box fan immediately behind the cab. The… » 4/18/08 12:00pm 4/18/08 12:00pm

Ferrari Developing Part-Time 4WD System

Autocar uncovered a patent for a a part-time four-wheel-drive system, applied for by Ferrari. Don't get excited, it doesn't mean a Ferrari SUV is in the works (like the Ferrariization of the Alfa Kamal concept, pictured). The system looks to be designed for traction-control purposes, not off-roading. According to … » 10/18/05 4:45pm 10/18/05 4:45pm