An 1899 Plan to Build A Bike Highway in Los Angeles (And Why It Failed)

Over a century ago, the California Cycleway promised an elevated, dedicated bike path from Los Angeles to the nearby city of Pasadena. In this excerpt from the new book LAtitudes: An Angeleno’s Atlas, author Dan Koeppel tracks its path through Southern California—and discovers why it was never finished. »4/27/15 5:24pm4/27/15 5:24pm


Jalopnik Weekend: How Much Good Could A Good Man Do If A Good Man Could Do Good?

Turns out, lots. Driving home on the Arroyo Seco last night (the portion of the 110 between Pasadena and Highland Park) I began realizing just how much of my life I will soon be spending on the world's first freeway. Inside Line is HQ'd in the People's Republic of Santa Monica, meaning that starting Monday not only… »2/10/07 9:22pm2/10/07 9:22pm

Nissan: 'Let Them Go!' Pasadena: 'We Will Not Let Them Go!' City Hangs On to EVs

So you think you can stone us and spit in our eye? So you think you take our electric cars and leave us to die? This, seemingly, is the City of Pasadena's response to Nissan, or at least pro-electric-vehicle advocates are portraying it as such. When trucks sent by the automaker were sent to a city yard to pick up the… »8/09/06 3:30pm8/09/06 3:30pm