The Preventive Maintenance You Need to Do On Your Car (and When)

Regular preventive maintenance is probably the single thing you can do as a car owner to keep your ride happy and save money on repairs in the future. However, not everyone agrees on what preventive maintenance is, what you should do, and when you should do it. Let's clear that up, and give you some tips that'll apply… » 9/26/13 9:21am 9/26/13 9:21am

Five Ways to Save Serious Money on Car Repairs

If you drive, there's probably little you hate more than getting your car repaired. It's usually an expensive, time-consuming hassle no one looks forward to. Even so, it doesn't have to be so bad. Here are some solid ways to save as much money as possible on your car repairs, and hopefully make the whole process a… » 9/19/13 8:37am 9/19/13 8:37am

We Need a Google Books for Car Parts

You know about Google Books, right? It's an ambitious project by Google to, essentially, scan and make publicly available every known book. I'm guessing the end goal is to put them all onto a chip implanted in Larry Page's brain so he can always beat anyone in an argument, forever. It's a grand, noble idea, and it's… » 12/22/11 12:00pm 12/22/11 12:00pm

Life Lesson #427: Don't Buy Parts From Registered Sex Offenders

Finding the right parts for your project car can be tough. Who can you trust these days? As we learned with the Unique Performance saga, even seemingly reputable businesses can turn out to be suspect. Things get even tricker when buying things over the web, as this horny car-jacking victim discovered. Thankfully,… » 2/28/08 12:40pm 2/28/08 12:40pm

Ford Focus Gutted, Stripped By An... Orchestra?

No chop shops involved here. As part of a UK advertising campaign, 21 different Ford Focus parts have been transformed into 31 musical instruments. The instruments—including a door harp, clutch guitar and bass repurposed from a fender—are played by professional orchestra musicians who don't mind getting up close and… » 1/30/08 4:15pm 1/30/08 4:15pm

Scott Burgess of the Detroit News Wants to Have it All

Scott Burgess, the most cuddly of auto critics over at the Detroit News has come up with an interesting, one-man-focus-group pseudo-review of the best parts of cars this year. Deftly sidestepping the realities of engineering, Burgess asks for somebody, anybody to put parts of some of the most dissimilar cars around… » 12/31/07 2:30pm 12/31/07 2:30pm

Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: O'Reilly Auto Parts Gift Card

If you're not sure what the ideal gift would be for the gear head in your life, a gift card is always a good way to go. But how to know if it's the right gift? If someone in your life goes to the auto parts store more than they go to the Safeway, they might like an O'Reilly Gift Card. If they wear a jumpsuit more than… » 11/22/07 2:30pm 11/22/07 2:30pm

Bimmerformance! BMW Launches Performance Parts Line

Not to be outdone in the aftermarket-parts goldmine, BMW is launching a line of factory performance parts that will challenge those from tuning shops. Apparently, the line only includes gear for the Z4 and 3 Series, with a concentration on the last-gen model. To wit: BMW claims a performance exhaust offers five more… » 10/04/07 8:54am 10/04/07 8:54am

Question of the Day: Baby's First Mods?

So, n00b, you've been staring out the window at a patently stock vehicle, getting all itchy in that special place car freaks call "the wallet." You'd love to imbue your assembly-line queen with a semblance of sporting trim, but the aftermarket is so vast, you have no freaking clue where to start. Thankfully, you have… » 12/29/06 9:30am 12/29/06 9:30am